Are we live? Hello? It is Elizabeth coming in here on #TASTYYES! Tuesday. I'm going to do a quick tech check here. I think it's working, but if you are joining me here on the live, say hello, let me know if you can see me. I'm always like, I don't know. I think I'm tuning in. I think I'm live. Oh, okay. I see myself now.

Okay. Well, today is all about visioneering the next year. Folks, it is hard to believe, but we are 47 days away from 2021 being done who is ready for 2021 to be done. I often think about, this is like the time when I start to look at what have I accomplished in the past year and where I'm headed in 2022 in that new year, in that next year.

And so as I start to think about what does success starts to look like? I'm super excited. I'm really excited because every year in your business, you should be growing. I love it. I see a couple of folks here, so hello. Say hi. Drop me some fire if you're here. So I see Ivana, Ivana says, hello. If you can click on the link above, that would be great.

Cause then I can see you on here. Okay. So what are you really grateful for in 2021? What are you really grateful for in 2021? It's so hard to believe that we are wrapping up this year. Right. It has been a crazy year, but I'm really excited because as much as I love planning my year, I love, I rather prefer guard rails.

I love guard rails because it allows me to stay laser-focused, but I have enough wiggle room to stay creative to tap into my intuition and really just let things happen. Sometimes it's as much about leaning out as it is about leaning in, but isn't it like the hardest thing is to figure out which way do you go?

Is it time to lean in? Is it time to lean out? Which way are we headed? Right. Hi Elaine. So good to see you. So what are you most grateful for in 2021? And as you look ahead in 2022. What are you most looking forward to? I'm super excited because I just hired a new person to join my team. She is starting and her background is in copywriting and she's going to be my community growth, platform expert.

And it's amazing because when I think about where I was in 2020, looking at where I wanted to go and be in 2021 I feel like the plan and the goals I hit, but in many ways, it also exceeded my expectations. And I feel like that's the type of goal setting that you should be. You should experience it's the guard rails that allow you to hit your goals, but also the freedom to just let what be, be and happen.

Right. It's that curiosity, it's that magic. Right? So I want you to really be thinking about what that starts to look like. And so really focused on what does that looks like for 2022? And that's why today I wanted to talk about Visioneering your 2022 and Making It Happen. Okay? I often say that results happen in three ways.

Okay. So write this down, grab a piece of paper or come back and catch this on the replay. First, your results happen in your heart. Do you have the desire and the commitment to say yes to yourself? Okay. And of course, people are like, well, yeah, Elizabeth, I want more money. I want more sales. Of course. It's them. Right. But have you really said yes to the amount that you want in your life? I was just at Angela Moua's Abundance Wealth Challenge, and she was talking about manifestation and she was talking about how oftentimes people say they want, let's say a thousand dollars in sales today, and then tomorrow it's a hundred thousand dollars in sales and how we're not really committed and consistent with the asset we want.

And as I was preparing for today's teaching, I was taking that to heart because you see results happen in three ways. The first one is in your heart. Have you said yes to what you want? Have you claimed the sales goals that you want? Okay. Oftentimes people will set a sales goal and it's like this I'm going to be logical, I'm going to be practical.

And I'm just going to say $10,000 this month when deep down inside, they want $20,000 in sales. Okay. Because the logical part of them is saying I might not hit $20,000, so let's play it safe and hit $10,000. And when it comes to keeping yourself motivated and committed to your vision, logic has nothing to do with that. Okay. Step two. So the first one is in your heart. The second one is the results in your mind. Do you believe enough to learn and unlearn the knowledge and the limiting beliefs to get you there?

Many times people think about goal setting and they start to think about the skills that they need, the how-tos that they need. And they know there's a little bit of mindset in there. But at one of the things I've learned with every level of growth in my business and myself and my teams, teams I've hired and built, and teams that I've put together pro bono with no money to pay them, but only inspiration and motivation and a common goal is that when it comes to results in your mind, it's as much about learning as it is about unlearning.

We've often heard that what got you here? Won't get you there. But what does that really mean? If I were to break it down, it's at the same time, you're learning your next level of growth. And then you're having to unlearn what you've learned now to get to where you are today. And that is not easy. Oftentimes those two paths make conflict.

They bump into each other, right. And they leave you frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, exhausted at times. But I can promise you if you stay committed to those results, at some point, they magically collide and that's what happens. Right? It's what happens when all of a sudden it just happens like there's no logic, right?

Every year, sometimes when people are thinking about goal setting, they'll say I'm going to logically hit my goals by maybe two weeks or three X. Right? But the quantum leaps that I've had in my business have had nothing to do with the logic of growing my sales business, or my business was sales 3% a year, year over year growth.

Like if you came from a corporate, you know what I'm talking about? Like it's a very logical, like very like percent driven, math driven and analytical analysis of your sales growth, right? As an entrepreneur and small business owner, the sales in your growth, aren't that logical. In fact, they're very illogical.

Are you hearing me on this? They're cell illogical because they are directly correlated to your own personal level of growth. It's directly related to your ability to make decisions quickly and execute, right? Because you are the cause money in sales is the effect. That's why I'm often teaching my clients that you are your number one investment because if you don't Uplevel your skillset mindset, people set who you surround yourself with.

How do you begin to realize the sales that you want in your business? I was talking to someone recently and she has spent thousands of dollars credentialing herself. Right. She went from an industry like financial accounting to now the beauty industry and don't get me wrong.

I mean, you got to get some credentials and training, right. Cause you're changing industry and I'm sure there's some sort of licensing that you need to get if you're going to be a cosmetologist or things like that, but she kept investing thousands and thousands of dollars to get her credentials and training.

Being specialized in this product and that product and this product when she was struggling with sales consistently in her business. But yes, she kept investing in getting more training and more credentials in being the expert. And I said to her, you're fixing the wrong problem. If you're not seeing sales in your business, you've got to invest in the areas that will drive your sales growth.

Your credibility, your credentials, and your training are enough already. They're not going to sell themselves. Right. But how often have you felt like if I was just qualified enough, the sales will come? If I just had just maybe that one more credential so that I could be an even higher level of expertise, the sales will come, it doesn't. Because if you're fixated on solving the wrong problems, you get the wrong results. If your problem is sales and you're fixated on more training, you're solving the wrong problem with the wrong solution. I'm not saying you don't need the training to feel confident or competent or to be qualified. Right. But that has everything to do with delivery.

And maybe even your competitive advantage or differentiator. But that alone doesn't cause sales to happen. What does marketing being heard, being seen, elevating your message, and talking to the right MVP customers, the right premium, most valuable paying customers? Okay. And then lastly, the third thing that results happen.

And I promise I'm going to go into visioneering just a little bit here, cause I just want you to realize how important these three things need to be aligned is really your actions. So first we said your results happening in your heart. Are you committed and desire the results that you want? Are you truly committed to saying yes to it?

Like really saying yes, and claiming it? Two, the results happen in your mind? Do you believe it enough to learn and unlearn the beliefs and the knowledge that will get you there? And third, action. Not waiting until you have all the answers, not waiting until you feel qualified, but literally being consistent with how you're showing up and yet overcoming other people's demands and expectations of you.

If you were just living in this isolated world with no family obligation, no expectations from other people, right? It's a lonely path in entrepreneurship, but it might just be a little bit simpler to hit your goals. What gets complicated is when we have our friends and family, when we're surrounded by people that are truly designed to keep us safe and they're truly invested.

And your wellness and wellbeing for the most part, right? They want you to not be so stressed. They want you to feel secure. And so they mean by saying, are you sure you really want to make that risky business decision? You don't even know with full certainty what the outcome is going to be? They mean that's why your people set when you're an entrepreneur.

It's just as important as your skillset and your mindset. Oftentimes, when we think about our vision and goal setting, we think about our goals that need to be done, right? The things that need to be done. And we might think about our skillset, how to get it done, and maybe our mindset. I just need to be more disciplined.

I just need to show up. I just need to overcome this fear, right. But what you really need is to be able to align your heart, your mind, and your actions, to the results that you want. Many times people are only focused on one of these aspects. One of these three things, they're either focused on what is it that I want, right.

The heart, or, oh, it's my mindset, right? Or it's my behavior, my actions, which is often the skillset. But in order for you to truly realize the results that you want for yourself, your heart, your mind, and your actions have to be aligned. It is non-negotiable. Okay. Once these things are aligned. Okay. And I'm going to share with you some of the fun things that we have coming up.

As we wrap up 2021 and 2022, I'm going to be starting a fun book club inside of the hybrid community, the Facebook community. We're going to be starting that off in January, and then it'd be doing a free gift bonus here. And just a little bit, I'm going to be talking about that. The free bonus is for an upcoming retreat workshop that I have coming up in December.

And I'm going to be talking about that a little bit. Okay, because here's what I've learned about strategic planning, right? Is that you need to have guard rails. This is especially hard for my creative folks. Right. They're like Elizabeth, I don't even want to plan out more than three months ahead because it's really like, it just feels so rigid and it's such a masculine and energy.

Right. But oftentimes I think of it this way. I think of mapping out your strategic sales goals as anchors in your life for the next year. Do you know what I'm saying? It's like breaking down your why into anchors that are really like the guard rails that allow you to stay focused no matter what speed you're traveling, right?

It's like the guardrails on her freeway where there's the slow lane, the medium lane, and the fast lane, and whatever you feel like driving in your life, and you need to slow down, you still got the guard rails. You feel like you want to lean in and go fast. You still got the guard rails. Those are anchors.