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What is Empowerment to You and Why It’s Really About Money

• Universal themes and patterns I’ve seen working in corporate, running my own business, and being a community activist and philanthropist

• Money shouldn’t define you. But you must define money.

Why You Need to Shift from Charity Mindset to Prosperity Mindset

• How to break all the empowerment rules to Earn Your worth

• Mindset: Break the rules first ruling your mindset

• Change your stories = Change your results.

• Millionaire Mindset vs Middle-Class Mindset (Training on this happening at my free Bootcamp)

Take imperfect action - massive or tiny pick progress over perfection to make faster decisions.

• Give yourself permission to change your mind. Failure is when you’re not making decisions and it’s keeping you stuck. Visibility is not negotiable. PERIOD. You must be seen, be heard in order to get paid. True for promotions and in running your own business. Own your voice. Own your influence.


Lets see. Good afternoon. We're just going to do a quick check here to make sure that the technology is working like should. Let me just double check. If you are tuning in let me know, say hi in the comments here. I just want to do a quick check here to see if I am up and running. I think I am, I think I am. Here I am. Here I am. Love it. Love it. All right. If you are tuning in live or you're catching the replay, let me know in the comments. Live or replay. I'm really excited to be talking to you today about one of the most common questions that I often get, especially from my female entrepreneurs. The conversation is really around leadership and empowerment. Today in this episode at Tasty, Yes Tuesday, I'm going to be talking about how you really need break all rules about empowerment, to truly command and earn your worth. Why? Why is that coming up? Recently, I was in a conversation with a few different women, female entrepreneurs. And oftentimes we seek work life balance.

Right. We're often thinking about what does work life balance feel like, especially those of us with family and kids. Right? How do you juggle it all? And I've done a lot of work in the women empowerment space all the way from when I was working in corporate. And there was a woman in tech and often a woman of color, right in technology and mentoring, young women growing their careers.

I've also sat on the board of directors for a non-profit organizations, helping to raise and build partnerships with large companies. And I have had to sit in that seat as part of the board of directors representing what it meant to not only be a woman at the table, but a person of color at the table.

And then now my most recent journey, I have also been at the table with many female entrepreneurs, many people of color entrepreneurs, many diverse entrepreneurs at the table. And I've also had the hat of serving the communities that I love. I am also a really big philanthropist. And I give back in the work that I do, especially being an Asian Hmong woman through an organization that I founded called Hmong Women Take on the World.

And every other year we launch a global online celebration summit to empower Hmong women and girls all around the world in just a weekend. Right. So I am, sat in this seat across different sectors, across different industries from a non-profit to for-profit and private and I've had this conversation about work life balance, self-love, self-care and what does it really mean to be empowered?

So if you're watching this, let me know in the comments, say hi, let me know that you're here. So let me ask you this, drop it in the comments. Let me know. What does empowerment mean to you? What does empowerment mean to you? Let me know in the comments, right? And this is really key because oftentimes when we're thinking about what empowerment starts to look like for us, we realize that oftentimes the empowerment feels like something internal, right?

Like something on the inside and there's a lot of us, that's been a lot of time looking internally to look at really what does empowerment start to look like? And I love, love, love. I got to share this one. This is actually going to just type this this comes from Chrystal Thomas and I love her definition of what empowerment is.

So I'm going to go ahead and just share this real quick here, because I want you to think for a moment, what does empowerment start to look like for you? Right? So give me a sec here. And I love what Chrystal Thomas said. She says " empowerment is encouraging and bringing yourself to a point where you can do the things you want to do, encouraging others and helping them do things they wanted."

Is that what empowerment is to you? I'm going to drop this in here from our friend here, Chrystal. Right? And this is really key because when we're talking about owning our worth and we're talking about charging more for our services and our products this is really key.

If empowerment is really internal and it's really about encouraging and bringing yourself to a point where you can do the things that you want to do, right? And there's a combination of self-love and self-care in all of that. If you are an empowered individual, why is it still so hard for you to command higher prices and charge worth?

Think about that for a second.

In the role of being a mentor, working for corporations and companies, I have over 10 years of experience in corporate America and product innovation and customer experience. Right. I asked that at the table with diverse groups of executives and large companies, right? Multimillion dollar projects.

And I often was the only person of color let alone the only female in the room. I've sat at the table, right? Working for nonprofits as part of their Board of Directors, right? With a good mix of females at the table right now, men and women at the table, but also often being the only women of color. I have also been a philanthropist and community activist for the communities that I care about bridging the gap between really our culture and really what we love about our culture, but also love about being here in America.

And then also sat at the table. As an entrepreneur for women led organizations as well as women and men led organizations are open to everyone as well as Asian specific AAPI entrepreneurs. So why is it that if we can command and believe that they are empowered and they still don't feel like they can command those high prices, why is that?

Now, let me ask you, what does Power mean to you? When you hear the word Power, what comes up for you? Type that into the comments, Power, right? Does it make you go, Oh, that's icky. Does it make you cringe? Does it somehow feel negative and feel bad? Oftentimes people think of power and they think of people abusing their power.

You see it's because money is often associated with power and we tend to believe that power is associated with something negative and this is why, especially for the ladies, it's hard for us to command higher prices because in order for us to command higher prices, we actually have to own, and not just empowerment, but our power.

And that is a very different beast to tackle. Because we often think that with power comes great responsibility and there's a lot of negativity. So we shrink back. Why? Because money is often associated with power and we think of power as something that's negative, right? How many of you can feel me on this?

Drop me some fires in the comments. If you're hearing what I'm saying to you, I love what Chrystal here says. Chrystal Thomas, right? She's she's like bringing it right. Her definition of power is that "power is something you have over others or an ability to make things go your way".

Just pause for a second there and write down the definition of what you think that is. And if you're just watching this, I want you to know that you can also download my workbook. I have a free workbook for today's training that I want to make available to you because I really want you to think about what this starts to look like, right? And this is what the workbook looks like. I'm just going to go ahead and scroll here. It's the ultimate empowerment to earning workbook. So if you want that at any point in time, just type workbook into the comments and my team, and I will get that link out to you. It is a free download because I'm all about trying to get more diverse entrepreneurs empowered.

But really taking it to the next level in their game, which is to command and earn their worth and folks in order to do that, you've got to own your power.

If empowerment is really about bringing yourself to the point where you can help others really encourage them and help them do the things that they want to do. Why is it that it's so hard for us to command higher prices? And make money by simply owning our power and owning the fact that persuasion and influence is truly the ability to make things go your way.

Don't we want more things to go our way? But the idea of selling scares a lot of people because it sounds like you're manipulating people, but it's not. What if sales is simply an invitation, right? I mean, what is Empowerment to you and what is Power to you? So let me break down some of the common universal themes and patterns I've seen working in corporate America, running my own business, and being a community activist, and philanthropist.

First of all, money should not define you. You must define money. I have seen many empowered women working in corporate America afraid to negotiate their salary or ask for a promotion. Why? Because they have not yet owned their power. They're letting salaries define them and letting other people's definition of salary define them.

But what happens when you define money? As an entrepreneur, I have seen many women talented, hidden gems doing what they're doing, but unable to generate leads in their business or charging so low that they actually are perceived as adding little value in the marketplace. Yes. Your price tag lets people know their perception of you, right?

And that's because when you think about power, you think about money, you're letting money define you. But what if you could define money? What if you're the one that is taking that empowerment and saying, here's what money really is for me? What would that do to your life? I'm going to tell you how it's changed for me.

You see, I'm on a mission to help a hundred diverse entrepreneurs grow their business to multiple six figures and seven figures and above, because why? Because I know the power of money. And I know that when you are compassionately ambitious, and the more money that you making your business. The more you're going to give it and invest it back into the causes and the communities that you care about.

How do I know that? Because I am one of those people and inside of here in my community group, my students and my clients that I say yes to you that say yes to me, there are also compassionately ambitious. They give to their communities. They give to the causes that they care about. And I have seen it time and time again, especially for the ladies.

When we have money and when our families are taken care of, we give that back to our community. And when you think about those causes that you care about, when you think about the community that you care about, if you're not investing in it, who will? You're going to rely on outsiders or another nonprofit out there to invest in your community.