Hello. Are we live? I think we are happy Tuesday. I'm going to do a quick tech check here. Let's make sure that I am working like I should. And I think I am awesome. I see it. Well drop in, say hi, if you are tuning in, I'm really excited to be back this week with you today. I'm going to be talking about how to take back an hour of your time in a day.

You know, one of the number one things I hear from my clients and students and business owners is just, I'm so busy. I wish I had more hours in a day. How many of you are guilty of that? Drop me an emoji in the comments to let me know. I have tea with me today. So if you are on a lunch break or you like me are a late tea drinker, pop it out.

I'm trying to go away with coffee. So I got my tea up in here. Say hi in the comments. What's your biggest challenge with time? What's your biggest challenge with time? Today I'm going to be talking to you about how to take your time back, how to find one hour a day to get your time back. And I want to talk to you about how important it is as you're thinking about really growing your business and really thinking about how do I get more consistent sales in my business? How's the audio? I just try to double check. Is the audio good? Okay. I think it is, cool. Okay. Because the number one thing I often hear from my busy entrepreneurs is I'm really, really, really busy.

And so later today, I'm going to invite you to really be present because what I'm going to share with you, you're going to sit there. You're going to be like, I already know this, Elizabeth. I already know this. I've heard it so many different times. Yeah. I already know this, but the reality is that even though you know, it, are you practicing it?

Are you doing. In your business every single day, I'm going to invite you to be present with me and really ask yourself if you really want that freedom business enough. Yeah. This last week I was pulling you. I mean, what it means to have a business online, many of you said, I love the flexibility. I love the creativity on my terms.

I love the options that I get to have with my business. Right. But the difference between being a slave to your business and keeping your business small is really how you manage your time. Right? Yeah. Let me know in the comments, what's your biggest challenge with time management, right? You and I both have the same 24/7 as up and run free Tony Robbins, Beyonce.

Right. And you might be sitting there and you might be saying, well, Elizabeth, they got people that they can hire. Yeah. I know. I know. One of the things that I do with my students and clients inside The Customer YES! Lab, the first time we start working together is not only helped them get consistent with their sales, but help them start thinking like a CEO and saying who is going to be the first role that you are going to hire for.

Right. If they're in startup, if they're scaling, it's looking at okay, where do you need to take off, like out of your plate, off your plate and start delegating a much, much more effectively. Right. Because the reality is that success in your business right now, you're not going to be able to achieve being a solopreneur.

There's no way. Right. So let's dive right in and start talking about what does it mean to take back an hour of your time? And I want you to know. That you can be and do and achieve anything that you want in your life, in your business. If you're willing to commit to one hour a day, one hour a day on that goal that you want.

There's one critical thing. That's going to be the tipping point between being where you're at and where you want to be. And that's, where's your focus and aim. Where are you spending action one hour a day, focused on your goals. And I'm not talking about busy work, you know, later on it, I'm going to give you some good guidelines on like how much time you should be spending your marketing from social media to PR and embed here.

I'm going to invite you. If you book a call with me, we will literally go through and make sure, take a look at your calendar and see where is it that you're spending your time. Okay, one hour a day, you can achieve your dreams. The question is, how bad do you want it? How bad do you want it? Because every time I hear a story from a client that says, you know, Elizabeth, I just have two young kids and I just really don't have time.

I've been there. But give me another client who gets up at like four in the morning before her kids get up just to put in the time. Right. You know, people say, Elizabeth, I just don't have the money right now to invest in X, Y, and Z. But I can turn around and show you a person who might have to, you know, what, get a part-time job temporarily.

Uber, et cetera, Lyft to earn extra couple hundred to a thousand dollars or so to invest. Right. So these are all intentions. These are all designs that we have an opportunity to really design our business in a way that really allows you to be really intentional about working on the right thing at the right time.

One hour a day can make or break you. It is a difference between where you are now and where you want to be. The first question I want you to ask yourself when you're working on your calendar or your to-do list is asking yourself, is this the highest value tasks that I can be doing right now that's helping me work towards my goal?

If your goal is weight loss, I guarantee you one hour, a day, focused on working out, prepping and planning your meals. You're going to achieve that. Most people just can't find an hour a day to work out. Right? If your goal is to improve the relationships in your life, like your kids, your partner, or maybe to even find a partner one hour a day committed to that is going to improve those relationships.

One hour a day to focus on dating. It's going to get you step closer to finding your significant partner, right? The goals that you want isn't a new strategy. It's not a new tactic. It's do you want it that enough? Can you find one hour every day to commit to it? Are you feeling me on this? Are you hearing me on this?

Right. Some of my students, you know, they come into the program they're really, really excited. Right. And then they're ready for the next new thing. And they're like, Elizabeth, give me a strategy. Give me something else. Right. And so my question to them is, well, have you already mastered what I've already taught you?

Because these are fundamentals in sales and marketing. If you haven't mastered that is it because you're not leaning into your strengths or is it not for you, but if it's just because it doesn't work for me because it's too hard and it doesn't work as I try to once and it doesn't work. So want another strategy and I pull it up your calendar and I look at how much time you've invested in that marketing strategy or that sales strategy.

And I don't see it on your calendar. It's not a new strategy that you need. It is commitment one hour a day, right? Because in order for you to take action. You've already got to create the space in your life. You got to create the space in your calendar right now. Okay. This is going to determine the thoughts, the processes, the actions, and the things that you need to take to make that happen right now in your life.

Right. I have clients who said to me, Elizabeth, you know, I really want to like sell out my program. I want to be rolling in, you know, 10, $20,000 per month, or like, okay. I'm like, okay, let's do the math. How much is your offer? How many clients does that mean to you? Right. And let's just say, it's, you know, five clients every week that they would be working with.

And I say to them, okay, magic wallet. Here's your five clients starting tomorrow. What does your calendar look like? And they're like pulling up their calendar and they're like, well, I'm not ready. I'm not ready for this five clients. Right. I mean my kids got daycare. I got, you know, this, an XYZ commitment in the community that I've got to do.

I'm not ready for those five clients that are ready to work with me tomorrow. And my challenge to them is the same challenge that I want to challenge you on, which is if you're not making space to receive those clients and receive that money right now in your life, they come knocking tomorrow. It's just going to slip through your fingertips because see if you don't have the space on your calendar to serve the number of clients that you want in your business right now, that means that you haven't put the thought behind creating the process and the systems to deliver that in a smarter way right? Here inside the hybrid CEO group are we're focused on how do I take my business from local to online for maximum income and maximum impact in order to do that, you need to automate parts of your business that is going to create leverage for you in your business. And if I say to my clients, Hey, if the five clients you want are ready to work with you tomorrow.

How are you going to clear that up in your schedule? And they're telling me these stories, I've got daycare, I've got this commitment. I've got that commitment. I've got this. I've got that. No wonder you haven't been able to keep the five clients because you really don't want them. You don't right. You don't want them.

So the first thing I want you to do is to identify the big picture. In your life and your business right now, what is that goal that you really want? And, you know, you might be sitting there and you're like, Elizabeth, I want more money. I want more consistent sales, but I want you to break it down and look at how do you schedule that in your calendar?

Right? Like in the example, I just gave you if the magic number is five clients every week that you're working with, where is that showing up in your schedule? Right. Where does that showing up in your schedule? You got to create the space in your life and your business to be able to receive my friends.

Right? Because if you're not making the space now, right? You're not putting down the you're not putting down your foot. And into your life, everyone else's agenda will always be more important than yours. Right? I had a stay at home mom, right. A client. She said, you know, Elizabeth, I quit my job full time because I wanted to focus on my business.

And now it's like, all I do is like take care of my kids. And I have no time to focus on my business. And I said to her, okay, so what was the situation before you quit your job, who was watching your kids? Right. And she's like, well, I had my in-laws and we had daycare, but you know, now that I quit my job, I'm not, we're not, we don't have a two household income.

So now I have to, you know, really, you know, help watch the kids. And I said, I totally get that, but you quit your job to work on your business full time. And now you've become a full-time stay-at-home mom, nothing wrong with that. If that's what you want to do, right. But you see, you figured it out. When you had to be at the office from eight till five, you found a solution for daycare.

You didn't feel bad that your kid had to go to daycare because you've got to go to a job, but all of a sudden, now you're prioritizing your business and you're feeling all guilty about it. This isn't about a lack of time. This is what is the big picture? What is that goal that you really want for yourself?

That's the first thing you've got to do. The second thing is if this really matters to you, if achieving their dream of being able to have all of this really matter to you, show up one hour a day every day for it, the dreams that you want for yourself, the goals that you want for yourself, the money that you want for yourself.

You've got to show up. I often say if it's you're working on your dream, whether it's five minutes or five hours, as long as you're showing up, but the results happen when you can commit an hour a day, an hour a day to focus on working on your business. Right. So take a step back and reset and see where you're at, what your schedule looks like.

What does that big picture of what it is that you want everyday? How do you find an hour a day? Well, I'm going to break it down and get very tactical with you. Right? So on my calendar, one of the things that I do is I have my ideal CEO schedule that I Monday through Friday, I sketch out right in the calendar. I sketch out one of my daily calendar it looks like.

Right. I have days. And I'm working with clients dates from sales days for content updates for my team. Right. and my bills schedule. And every quarter I revisit my actual calendar and say, how does look like measuring up to my ideal schedule. And I do this every quarter because when your business is growing, it's fluctuating.