Happy Tuesday. I have my tea here with me. I hope that you brought something to drink. I'm also been wondering if I should do these in the morning. I kind of gave up coffee, kind of, I'm trying to do tea. I'm trying to do much better. So good afternoon. It is #TASTYYES! Tuesday. I am tuning in today to talk to you about the sales mindset. How do you start to develop a sales mindset that makes you unstoppable, especially if you are an introvert? So if you were joining me here on the live, say hello in the comments, let me know that you are here. I'm just going to do a quick check here. Make sure that I'm on. I look, it looks like I'm on.

Okay. Oh, I think I'm on. So I want to talk to you today about how do you really start to develop that sales mindset? You know, once upon a time, when I first started my business, I just was so resistant to it. And this is going to work for you, whether you're an extrovert or introvert. It's going to work for you, especially if you are heart-centered.

If the way that you sell a want to grow your business is really focused on building relationships and the human connection. So we're going to dive right in. You can see that I am wearing my Kajabi hero shirt. I actually it's a little overdue, but I'm celebrating a huge milestone with one of my courses.

And I'm wearing the soccer today. Oh, so excited. So excited. The funny thing is we just changed platforms. So after I got this, I'm like, you know, I should just wear this. So Kajabi is an online platform tool that is really that one-stop solution for courses, email, everything that you could think of in terms of launching an online digital product.

And so I'm celebrating a milestone of $10,000 in sales. And so, you know, they make these cute little swag for different milestones that they send out and a t-shirt is included in one of those. And that is what I am rocking today. So I'm excited to talk to you today because the importance of sales is oxygen to your business.

And many times when I'm working with compassionately, ambitious entrepreneurs or creatives, that really just love what they do. Sales. It's generally not at the top of their list. Marketing is generally not at the top of their list. Just recently. I was just talking to a really big brand. I would say influencer.

He has been in his space as an artist, community activist for many, many, many years. Right. And only now is he starting to think about monetizing, what I call the brand equity of everything that he's done. And he said to me, Elizabeth, business it's just not my strength. How do we begin to even ask for money when all these years I have not been asking for money.

And that is the number one mistake that many people who are like you, that are compassionately ambitious or creatives that are really heart-centered focused on making an impact that they forget. We train people how to treat us. Don't get me wrong. I'm all about giving and making a difference and making an impact, but you can't do that without money, especially if you want this to be your long-term full-time gig, that you can pour your passion, your service, your heart, your work into to create an everlasting brand and legacy in your business.

You've got to start thinking about how do I shift my mindset around sales. Okay. And I want the first thing. So this is going to be two-part series today. Overall, I'm gonna talk to you about four main ways that you can really do this, but today I'm gonna cover two. And then next week, we're going to wrap it up with two more ways that you can do this.

And I want to encourage you to book a clarity call with me as we are going through this training today, I'm really the sales mindset. And I know that there might be some of you that are going to be listening to this. And you're like, Elizabeth, I already know that. Like tell me something, I don't know.

Right. Tell me something new, but I'm going to challenge you that if you already know that, why isn't it happening? If it's not happening in your business, it's still going to hinder you, hold you back, and keep you from not showing up in a way that is going to add value to your life and your business growth.

Okay. So let's talk about the first way that you can begin to shift sales. Step one, sales is truly about service. We are sold to every day. Look at everything that you have in your home. You opened up your wallet and you bought those items. You bought those services, right? So when sales have done, right, your customers should be walking away, super excited that they just bought from you.

They should be walking away, excited, energized, relieved. That's how they should feel, right. But what we remember is everything that has to do when sales have gone wrong. All right. So what's really the first piece that I want you to really think about with sales. Sells is about serving the person in front of you.

It is about you finding the courage to show up with your zone of genius, with your talent, with what makes you so good at what you do. To truly serve the person in front of you. Okay. Sales are service. You see, as a coach and teach my clients when you're not selling, you're not serving, you know why? Because sales require an investment and an indication that says I'm in it.

I'm in it with you to really change and transform my life. What's that commitment that they're putting into themselves and into you that they're serious. It's money. It's money. It's not the free stuff. No one has any commitment to free things. Think about it. The last time you signed up for a free event, whether or not you made it a priority.

It was like, if I have time, I'll make it. If I don't, I won't. And so this is really key because when you are not selling, you are not serving the person in front of you. If there's anything that I have learned growing my business to where it is now, it is the fact that where you focus money, it's what you prioritize.

That is true for you. That is true for me. And that is true for your customers. Okay. And so if you want your customers to be committed to you, to be loyal, to buying from you, your brand, you've got to show up and serve. You've got to show up and serve because what you're saying, isn't that this is money for you.

What you're saying is that they are making investments in themselves. I can tell you coaching high performers from working professionals to compassionate, ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders. The biggest difference in how they have shown up is the level of investment they have made in themselves. Whether they purchase from me a course.

A few hundred dollars, whether they worked with me on a coaching call for maybe a few thousand dollars or whether they did a VIP day and invested more than five figures in working with me, they showed up differently. Okay. So if you're sitting there, you're like, I'm an introvert. I just can't really do this.

Right? You gotta start with shifting your mind that sales are service. That sale is simply serving the person in front of you. And this is so huge because once I made that big, this shift for myself, I could not stop selling. I could not stop selling. And I began to fall in love with sales. Why? Because I started to see that sales are simply an exchange of energy and commitment.

Right. What if I'm showing up every day, whether it's free or you've invested to work with me, I, Elizabeth show up as my best self, right? Like I show up every week here in this training with you, do you show up every week with me, right? Odds are, you're going to be like, you know what? If I got time, if my schedule permits me, I would love to, right, but I'm going to guarantee you.

And this is just making a point. If you were financially invested in this every week showing up, right. If you pay for this training, do you think that you would show up, you would, you would show up, you would shift your schedule to show up? Not because you want to, right? Not only because you want to, but because you made the financial commitment to yourself with me.

Right. But when these training are free And don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with that. Right. You might want to show up, but you're not as motivated to shift things in your schedule to show up to these training and your customer is exactly the same way. I'd love here what does Facebook user says?

There's always something you can learn. Absolutely. Right. And one of the ways that I love teaching is not only done I want you to learn, but I also want you to apply and take action. Right? You're simply helping the person in front of you. And you're asking them through money to make a commitment, to change their lives forever.

Information is not enough because is there a problem to a lack of happiness, a lack of better health, a lack of better wealth, really? Because of a lack of information. Think about it. Do you not know what it takes to lose weight? Do you not know what you need to be doing this be saving money? Yeah. It's not a lack of information.

It is the commitment to the transformation that changes your customer's lives. And so when you make this first shift, you can start to see right. That if sales are truly about service and the exchange of money is simply just the commitment that they're making to you, because they are showing, demonstrating to you that they are committed to doing this work with you to buy from you just like your committed to show up for them. That's simply what it is. It is a commitment to move forward to have you show up, to help them to serve them, change their life forever. How can you possibly not ask for the sale? No one values anything that's for free.

It is true in business. It is true in relationships. It is true in life. Everyone takes things that are for granted free for granted. Now and business isn't needed. Absolutely, absolutely. Right. It's like a teaser into you, right? So that's the first thing I want you to remember. Okay. Is that sale is really about service because not only is it really a commitment to doing business with you, but the second shift that I want you to think about with sales, you know, with the first mindset, really being that, you know, sales is really about service is that if you're doing this right, if you're doing this right, sales should not feel like you're trying to convince someone to buy from you?

You're trying to convince someone who doesn't need your product or service that they need it. Okay. I'm looking at my notes here, right? If you're doing your marketing, your sales, right. It should not feel like you have to convince people that they need your product or service or that they need to buy it from you.

What is instead feels like is that you have been serving at such a high level. Right in your product and services, you've gotten so much value to them that when there is a need, you are the first person that they think about and they already know that they want to work with you. Does that make sense? Oh, hi, Mina.

I haven't seen you in a while, so lovely to see you. So as you're hearing those types into the comments, like what's been holding you back with sales, what are some of the fears that you might have around it? Let me know in the comments, right? This is true for you if you're an extrovert, but really, even more, true for you, if you consider yourself an introvert.

Okay. So what's the second thing that I want you to remember about sales. Selling is about changing lives, right? You might think, well, how is this really different from the first one? You've got to remember that in business, we are in the business of feelings. As the customer Yes like psychology buying decision geek. We are in the business of feelings. I know, I know. I don't care what you're selling, tangible products, food, beauty, service, right.

We are in the business of fear. And when you first make that mindset shift to think to reconsider sales as really about service and serving and transforming lives. The second thing I want you to think to remember is that selling is about changing lives. I mean the first one, I talked about how it is really serviced and how the exchange of money is really about their commitment to transforming their life, whether it's through your service or your product, and that they are committing to you to work with you, right?

Selling is about changing lives, right? This is why I'm so passionate about this topic. Especially working with compassionate, ambitious entrepreneurs, because maybe think about giving as, as a taboo, that if you are truly about it, for the people you shouldn't charge, right. I call this the charity mindset.