Good afternoon. It is the day after labor day and it is #TASTYYES! Tuesday. I am going to do a quick tech check here, make sure that I am up and running like I'm supposed to, if you were joining me here, live, say hello here in the comments. Let's see. I think it's working. All right. It's hard to believe folks, but we only have three more months.

If you're not counting September until 2021 is done. I want to continue our conversation and pick up where we left off last week when we were talking about how to create a sales mindset that makes you unstoppable, even if you consider yourself an introvert. So if you're joining me here on the live, say hello in the comments, let me know that you're showing up present and that you're here with me.

Okay. One of the things that I absolutely hear a lot of complaints about is Elizabeth, what if I'm an introvert? How do I overcome having a sales mindset that makes me feel unstoppable? And this is one of those things where you have to be really intentional. Now, if you missed last week's episode, where I shared with you, the two of four ways that you can begin to overcome the fear of showing up in your business and creating a sales mindset that takes you from inconsistent sales to predictable 10, 20K months, years. Right? That's what I want to talk to you about today. You know, it's not just about showing up in your business and being consistent. We need that too. I often say that results happen in the doing, and especially when you're looking to grow your business from 10K months to 10K weeks, 10K days, right.

It really takes a different mindset at every single level. Now I've had an opportunity to coach and become a strategist for some of the most amazing entrepreneurs I know that are working at building, you know, multiple six-figure incomes in their business or even seven figures. And I can tell you that their mindset about sales is so different than what many of us often think about when it comes to sales. So last week I talked to you, I'm looking at my notes here, and I talked to you about how sales are really about service. And if you reframe this and you think about sales as simply service, it really starts to shift everything else.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about some more tips that you can adopt and really start to challenge yourself when it comes to sales to think about, gosh, how can I really make myself unstoppable? How do I go from maybe fear that's holding me back and keeping me playing small to showing up authentically, to showing up consistently and being visible cause sales happen when we're visible, right? No one ever sold hiding behind a desk with no camera on right. Being invisible does not serve you. And so let's talk about how you can really start to fine-tune and hone and, what it means to really be unstoppable with a sales mindset, especially if you're an introvert.

One of the things that I really appreciate about introverts is that you actually have an advantage being online because most extroverts, actually need another human being in front of them to be able to read those emotional cues, to be able to see their facial gestures and their eyes to people to read them in order to feed off the energy.

Right. But as an introvert, you're much more intuitive into that. You don't need the energy and the facial emotional clues of the other person to connect. That's why I often say, especially when people come to me and they're like, Elizabeth, I am an introvert. I don't know if I can really grow my business online.

And I often say you actually have one of the best advantages because you don't need another human face on the other side, looking at you to be able to tie into their energy because that energy comes from within you. Right? And so only with time only with practice, will it become even stronger and more brilliantly when you're looking at doing lives or podcasts for audios and interacting with a live audience.

So if you are tuning in, tell me, where are you tuning in from? What's the biggest challenge that you have about sales. Right. I want you to remember that sales are about you living up to your highest potential, and because when you really believe, and the transformation work that your product or service or solution provides, it is up to you to make that invitation to the people that really need you.

I mean, if you're able to take responsibility for showing up and just serving and looking at sales as really the commitment, the investment that person needs to make to truly drive a change in his or her life. Wouldn't you show up to advocate for that person? You see, I was just coaching one of my students this past week.

She is going to be featured at a big event, this upcoming fall. And she's super excited about it and she's super nervous about it. And one of the things that I was telling her is that so many entrepreneurs that I have known want to do what she's doing right now, but they've been two of the biggest challenges.

One of them is that they haven't found a way to monetize their gift. Right because there's guilt behind it because they feel like if they're really meant to serve, they wouldn't be charging or charging that much for it. But one of the things that I said to her, and I want to share this with you, is that money reveals what people value.

Let me say that again. Money reveals what people value. And when you accept and realize this, you realize that charging for your gift is letting the people, the person in front of you know that they're committed, they're in it for that transformation. Right. Because if money reveals what people value in their lives, that's where they're going to focus their efforts, their energy, and priorities right. And so if you're selling a product or a service, and you're still thinking, I can't ask for a sale, I can't charge for that, I'm not serving. What you're in essence saying to that other person is that I can show up and give you all my services for free or just barely dollars, but you don't really have to commit, right?

Like you don't have to commit to prioritizing your life and really fighting to make that transformation that changing your life because my value and my service is either free or cheap. So when you feel like it, you can show up and commit to the transformation, but when you don't feel like it, it's okay.

You can just toss my service and my product and set it aside and do it whenever you feel like it. I want to challenge you, right. I often talk about health and weight loss because I think this is a really simple analogy that many of us can take. Right. But it's not that we don't know what it takes to lose weight and live healthier, right?

You eat healthier, you consume fewer calories and you burn more calories. Everyone knows that by now. Right. But if you were teaching your yoga classes for free and people, if they wanted to show up and come whenever they felt like it, as much as they register, how's your show up rate? Odds are people just don't show up as much.

Right because it's free for them. They've got nothing to lose. They might have signed up and say, you know, my health really matters to me and I'm going to make this commitment, but then all of a sudden last-minute, better things come up more urgent and pressing things to come up. So now they've taken that class because it's free.

They're like, I'm going to just table that it's whatever's convenient for me. So how has the transformation gone with them on weight loss if they can table every single workout with you? The change just doesn't happen in their lives. Because again, this is why I say to you, money reveals what people value, because if a person is truly committed, they will not only financially invest in working with you, but if you're charging more and they noted as an investment and it's not just a quick, Hey, I'm just going to buy this and whenever I have time, I'll do it at my convenience. If they know that they're paying a hundred dollars to show up for your class, or, you know, your coaching program costs is an investment of, you know, three to $5,000. And then if they know they don't show up for them, it's a waste of money.

Right. And guess what? They're going to shift their whole schedule and prioritize to show up. Wouldn't you do the same thing?. See money reveals what people value, right? And so when it comes to the sales mindset, selling is simply service, but it is also you being able to live up to your highest potential. And it is up to you to make an offer an invitation for those that are meant to work with you, to work with you.

And financial investment is their commitment to transformation because money is what people value. It is an indication of where their time, their energy, their efforts are prioritized in their life. Are you hearing what I'm saying? Right? And so if it's serving the person in front of you, And sales are really bad simply to serve right?

Charging more is an investment, not just you, but that your customer, your students are making in themselves. They will show up much more committed because those that look at your products and services and are thinking, oh, that's too much. Oh, the way that she sold was too sleazy. They're not meant for you.

They're not ready to make that level of investment and really that level of transformation in their life. Right. So how do you begin to shift by realizing that money reveals people, what people value, and for you to live up to your highest potential? And sales is service. You've got to make an offer.

You've got to honor your potential, your skills, your talent, your gifts. And that commitment goes both ways that if you honor yourself and you commit to living up to your highest potential sales is simply a tool, a vehicle for that. Because if you really offered, right, like if you really, really wanted to live up to your highest potential.

And you believe in what you're doing. You believe that you can really make a difference in people's lives with your gift, your talent, your services, your products, you're advocating for that. And you're charging more because you know, money reveals what people value. And when people got money in the game, they got more skin in the game, more than they ever will with a free course, what the $97 course or a $97 workshop.

Right. I've been doing this and having too many conversations with entrepreneurs who want to take their business online, but have not yet monetized consistently where it replaces their income, their full-time job income to really create that freedom life business. You see the dabble, right? They're not fully committed because they're like, oh if it works out, we'll work out. We'll see how it goes. But when it comes to sales and it comes to, you know, 10K months and 10K weeks and 10K days, you've gotta be committed with a different level at every level. Right. So if money is really how right it reveals what people value in their lives and the commitment that they're willing to make, what would that do for you in your business?

Take a moment right now to pause this and write this down. Right? If sales are really about you living up to your highest potential and money really reveals what people value, and this is why you should charge more, what would that do for your business and do for your life right now? Write that down, drop that in the comments.

As I was coaching my client on this, I said, look, you may not be the first expert in this industry doing this. But I know based on the entrepreneurs, I've spoken to that you're one of the first who is monetized and charging high tickets. And you've got to own that in your story, in your branding, in your messaging, your marketing, because what you're showing is that it is possible.

To claim that spot to be that category of one and be known for that one thing and be able to charge in a way that allows you to attract quality clients who are ready to do the work with you. They're not looking for an easy shortcut. They're not looking for you to do the work for them. They're not looking for you to be the answer to everything that's miserable in their life.

Right. Because we all know that takes time. That takes self-ownership. Right? So the only way that you're ever going to be able to achieve greatness is to get to that no faster. I often say it takes at least five no's to get to a yes. So it's not about whether or not people will say no to you. But, you know, one of the common mistakes that I often hear and see is that, you know, you have one person that says no to you, then all of a sudden you start going down this rabbit hole of trying to solve the problem of your pricing, or there's something wrong with your product, but it's absolutely very little to do with that.

It has more to do with the fact that in order for you to truly get to that, yes, you need to get to those nos as fast as you can. So that you can get to that yes sooner and much more frequently to know what's possible. This is simply part of the journey and part of the challenge. If every single person you asked, said yes to you, right?

Like if every person that you asked said, Hey, you want to work with me? Hey, you want to buy this product? Right. Everyone would be doing what you're trying to do right now in your business. Right. Often entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Freedom does not come for free. Right? Freedom comes with sacrifices.