Hello, there are we live. I think we're live here. It is #TASTYYES! Tuesday. And today I want to talk to you about really how to release your hiring what's next for you. I got my coffee here. We're going to be talking about how to really take your business to the next level. And so if you are joining me here live, I'm just going to do a quick tech check here.

I think we're on say hello because I want to make sure that we are live. Which it looks like we are! Awesome. Okay. All right. So I'm really excited to talk about this topic because this is one of those catch 22 topics. I often hear a lot from entrepreneurs about Elizabeth, how can I even start hiring if I don't even have money coming in.

And I'm like, well, how do you have money coming in if you don't have time to sell? Think about that for just a moment. Have you and I haven't had the chance to meet yet. I'm a business strategist that focuses on how do you create that online business income stream that really turns your expertise, your passion into an online income stream for maximum income and maximum impact. Here inside of the hybrid CEO, this isn't just about building a business for the sake of making money. Like here we are compassionately ambitious builders entrepreneurs that really want to make a local impact where we live in our communities and the causes that we care about.

But we know that we've got to show up online. We got to show up online because we will not only have a bigger reach but we're able to make a bigger impact. And so today I want to talk to you about what does it really take to hire what's next for you? If you don't know what the acronym is for VA it's a virtual assistant.

And right now, if you're in the online business space, you've probably heard VA's thrown around left and right. So VAs, I want to talk to you about really what I think about when you are looking to hire a VA. Okay. So grab a pen and paper. I'm going to provide some of my favorite resources for you, but most importantly, if you're looking to build a hybrid business model, what is a hybrid business model?

It is truly a business model that allows you to thrive online, but also to still run and make that impact locally. This isn't for you if you are looking to just side hustle with no intention of really turning that side hustle into a full-time business. This is not for you if you're just looking for passive income.

And why is it not for you? Because this is hard. This is hard. I just had a conversation with someone recently and she said to me, Elizabeth, I just feel like giving up on my dream business. This is so much harder than I ever thought. And this is just her first year coming in. And I said to her, will you pick your heart.

You pick your heart, working for someone else is hard. Being broke is hard. Going back to school, taking out loans, thousands and thousands of dollars to go into debt spend years of your time to get a degree hoping and praying. You're gonna find a quote that dream job. That's hard. You pick your heart. I don't know about you, but here in the hybrid CEO, those that are showing up the hard that you're picking is to create that freedom online business.

Freedom doesn't come free. Sacrifices are made. If everyone could create that freedom, profitable businesses would not everyone be doing it. So your online business, your hybrid business model is more than just posting every day on social media. It's more than just showing up in live streams and trying to sell from a Livestream.

It is more than just an e-commerce website that's up and running. When I'm talking to you about being that hybrid CEO, it is truly strategically taking a step back in your business and say I'm all in. I'm in for the long run. I want to grow a business that makes money and I want to create a business that's all about impact.

I want to be the number one go-to brand and expert in my industry because I want to lead by example. I want to be the person, right. That made it that no one thought could possibly make it. I call these first-generation businesses owners. But because I did it. You can too. That's who I'm talking to, you! Is that you, I see Lia here.

Hi, Lia. Good to see you. Ayana in my team is here too. So say hello in the comments. What questions do you have about hiring a VA? Just drop them here. Maybe it's not even about a VA. Maybe it's just hiring in general. Drop your comments here. And I will be sure to answer them. Okay. So this is really about people that really want to come in and say, I really want to create that freedom business that's about income and impact. And I know I got to play a bigger game. I know I got to step it up. Too many people think online businesses are just all about social media posts. It's just, they think that's all they gotta do. And it's gonna convert and lead to sales and it doesn't. Creating content does not equal sales.

It just doesn't. It doesn't. Okay. So what are some things that I want you to think about depending on where you're adding your business? If I'm talking to two audiences because I know that sometimes there are two audiences. Is there a startup who's maybe the solopreneur, or just starting to go into really building their online business?

And then there is maybe the business that's been around or, the entrepreneur that's been around for four or five years, maybe they've done business locally, networking events, leads, refer words of mouth referral. And now they're just starting to take that expertise and say, how do I figure out how to get into the online space.

So I'm going to be? Talking to both of you. So I want you to grab a pen and paper and listen up. So let's talk about the first common objection that I get, which is Elizabeth if I don't have money coming in, how do I even begin to hire? Well, let me just ask you again. How do you have money coming in if you're not working on sales-driven activities? I call those tasks, show me the money tasks. So if you're in a startup, the first phase that you need to make sure that you're really just a hundred percent focused on and this is what I coach inside of The Customer YES! Lab all my clients and students on is you've got to validate your high ticket premium offer.

Does anybody want to buy it? And will anybody pay that much for it? And so a high ticket isn't like a $20 item. Whatever high ticket is for you. I've had clients that have two X their prices and sold. I've had clients that have you been gone up 25 times, increase their prices, and sold. To me, that's validation.

If you create a high ticket offer and you're able to sell it over and over again, then the first milestone is that you validated that there's an offer. That's like a big check in the box. Where I see most people when, before they even start thinking about why they don't have money coming in to hire is because they'll try to create different offers that are at a lower ticket price point.

And they'll try to sell something for a hundred dollars or 20 bucks or 200 or a thousand dollars. And then it will sell. But then what they realize is that selling one item, one offer at like 20 bucks, a hundred bucks, $200, a thousand dollars. It's not enough to really make a living off of, it's not consistent sustainable sales income.

And so that's why I say to you that you've got to flip the model and be focused on creating a business, creating your one high ticket offer that you don't have to sell tons of volume on in order to still hit your sales goal. I mean, just think about it. If your sales goal is $10,000 a month and your price point for your offer is a hundred dollars.

How many units do you have to sell to hit $10,000? A lot, right. A hundred dollars, a hundred units, times a hundred, right? Is that, was that my math? So my math, I'm putting me on the spot here. A hundred dollars for a hundred units to hit $10,000 a month. Do you think that's more or less effort that you have to put in to sell a product, to sell an offer that is a thousand dollars you only need to sell 10 units?

10 of those offers to hit a $10,000 goal at just a thousand dollars a month. Which one do you think is more effortful? Any guesses? The truth is it takes the same amount of effort. The only difference is you got to find courage and confidence to sell at a higher price point. So once you validated this. Then you need to start looking at how to start marketing that offers more. And so one of the things I teach my students and clients inside of The Customer YES! Lab is what task? Now that you've sold that one unit online, that irresistible high ticket offer. This is where I really focus on helping my students build a business and not just be solopreneur for life. Because success is not a solo game. Have you ever heard of any successful business person where they built their business by themselves?

Millionaires, billionaires, anybody, even six-figure earners never built their business by themselves. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever. So you need to snap out of it. If you think you're going to build a six-figure business by yourself. Seriously. There's no BS here. I keep it really real. So now that you've identified the task, one of the things I want you to think about when hiring a VA and I'll get into resources and offshore versus hiring here in the US is really starting to think about what is the task that you're spending a lot of time on in order to market your services, to sell, to create, to deliver your services.

That you can begin to hire someone to help you with. Now as the hybrid CEO, what are the two things that you need to be focused on? What are the two things that you need to be focused on? Any guesses, type this into the comments. CEO, you need to be focused on sales and visibility, sales and visibility.

Those are the two things that it doesn't matter if you're in startup, scale-up or growth, you as a CEO, need a 100% consistently be focused on. See if you're not in front of your audience, you don't get sales. Like people that follow you on social media, love you, adore you, admire you. But if you're not visible and you're not seen and in front of them, they're not buying. They're not buying.

So as a CEO, you've got to be focused on two things, sales, and visibility. Those are the two things that you need to constantly be focused on. Now, when you're a solopreneur and you're first starting out your, every department in your business, am I right? Your, the sales department. You're in the marketing department.

You're even I.T. Right? You're the finance department, the legal department you're even operations. And sometimes your customer service and then you're like, what else are you you're oh, you're the website designer and graphic designer. Right? How many of you are guilty of that? How many of you are guilty of that?

So when you're starting out, you are all of these departments and there's nothing wrong with that. But the trick, right, is that you got to start thinking smarter, right? Like you work really hard to kind of build that first irresistible high ticket offer. I hope that you've been documenting it, figuring out what your process is as you're building out these departments in your business, from the technology to the legal, to like you're building all these little assets in your business that you're hopefully building with the end goal that you're gonna hire and train someone.

See, when you shift your mindset to start thinking about hiring someone and do this work even before you're ready, your flow, your processes, the way that you approach, how you do that work completely shifts. You're not winging it every day. You're not waking up. And then just thinking, oh, you know what? I gotta sell today. So what am I gonna do? Like you can do that when you first start out in your business, but eventually when you need to hire someone, you've got to train them. And the best way to train people is what you've got to have a process. You've got to have flow. You've got to have tested whatever marketing method, whatever sales method, whatever operations and customer service and lead generation system that helps you bring in business.

Right? You have to have tested it yourself. And now create the process to begin training someone else on it. You don't need money to do that. You need your time, but this is often the biggest mistake that solopreneurs make, because they're not thinking about what they're not thinking about building a real business, they're just focused on that sale.

So in their mind, they're just like you know hustle, hustle, hustle, right. Hustle, hustle. I'll just kind of hustle gets a couple of dollars in. Yeah. And then, you know what, I'll just become like an influencer or something and then the money will start rolling in. No, it doesn't work like that. I can't tell you how many influencers I speak to who have thousands and thousands of dollars.

Or excuse me, thousands of thousands of followers. And the way that they're monetizing is purely based on social media ads. Now there's nothing wrong with that, right? It's passive income, but we're talking about a few thousand dollars per month. Let's say 2000 max that's $24,000 in social media ads that they're making.

Now, if this was a site, if this was passive income, no big deal. But influencers want to do their business full-time and I can tell you, $24,000 before tax isn't much to live off of. It's not necessarily a freedom business. Right. And so you've