Good morning. It is a happy Tuesday. It is Tuesday live. And I'm gonna be talking today about how to hits the happy sales sooner. If you're tuning in live or catching us on the replay, let me know in the comments. I'm gonna do a quick tech check here. Make sure that I'm up and running as I should.

Right. Doesn't matter how many times you've checked this. It's always sort of hint and miss, so let's just make sure I'm up and rollin'. So as you're tuning in here, say hi, let me know that you're here. Okay. I love it. Looks like I'm on. Great, okay. Alright. So today I wanna talk to you about happy sales. We just wrapped up our Captivate to Close Masterclass last week.

And this week I wanted to tune in because one of the common questions I often got, and I got this during the masterclass too, is Elizabeth, depending on the stage of the business I'm at, what should I focus on? And Elizabeth, what exactly do you do to really support and help others to hit their sales goals faster?

So if you are tuning in live or catching me on the replay, let me know. And if you're watching this, let me know what you think about 22, 2022, what you think your priorities are gonna be? Okay. Say hi for tuning in here. Okay. One of the things that I keep hearing people over and over again, and I heard it last week and I just heard it yesterday is, I know what I need to do.

I just need to find more time. I just need to prioritize and then I'm gonna get there. Okay. And it doesn't matter what stage of business you're at, there you're in a startup where just starting to build your business, or you're in growing up where you are in growth method. You've been around for a few years now you have consistent income and you're starting to really think about what it takes to really build that team.

Okay. I want you to think about what this starts to look like for 2022. What are the priorities that you need to be focused on? Okay. Oftentimes we're busy. Oftentimes we're competing for more time, right? You and I have the same exact 24/7 as Oprah Winfrey as Beyonce. And I know that you're gonna see me, but Elizabeth, they have millions of dollars and they have a team supporting them. But I can promise you that they also had a step one, many, many years ago in their career.

Just like you and I. I've been where you're at, I'm in growth mode right now. I'm in the growing pains of what it takes to grow a business. I get it. More time, you're not confined, right? Knowing more information. You can always know more, but it's not gonna serve you until you start taking action. And that's what I want you to walk away with today.

When it comes to happy sales and it comes to really how I supported, helped my clients. I recently had a conversation the other day with someone who wanted to work with me and I don't do this often anymore, with what I call a VIP day. And that's literally just where they spend one day with me and we really map out really from a strategic perspective. Either one, their next 90-day plan. Two, an audit in their business in terms of where is the leakage coming from, whether they have, gaps in their business where they're living, leaving money on the table. Right. And it's just a second opinion to look over their business, look at their marketing, look at their sales, look at their elevated messaging, are they attracting the premium at the MVP most valuable paying customers? Are they not? They have the right people in place to help them run their operations and businesses. Those are just some of the issues or challenges that I do from a VIP day perspective.

Okay. This person wanted to do a VIP day and I know that when she and I originally spoke, that was something that I thought she really needed me three months ago. Okay. When I burn, I reconnected again and she wanted to look at working with me because she wasn't yet ready to commit to 12 months of working with me.

She wanted to do a VIP day. And at this time after having this conversation with her, I really didn't think that I could really serve her. You see, you and I looking for more time and more information. If we're working on the wrong things in our business, it doesn't matter how busy you are. It doesn't matter how hard you work solving the wrong problem, Isn't gonna get you the right results. Are you hearing me on that? Say hi, if you're tuning in, all right. If you're working hard and you're busy solving the wrong problems, you're not gonna get the results that you want. It doesn't matter how hard you work. It doesn't matter how busy you are. It doesn't matter how, how much more information you need.

You're not gonna get the right results. What do I mean by that? I was talking to someone recently. She said to me, Elizabeth, I'm really struggling with mindset. I really know that my business is local and I have decent business with referrals. But I need to do more online. I need to tell my story. I need to not just do marketing and promoting, but I really need to step up my social media game with my brands.

I've got months that are used and I'm really struggling with, having that one clear monetization path on what do I do for marketing? What do I do for sales? So that I'm generating interest. People know me for certain things and you know what she invested more in doing? Getting more training and certifications in her expertise area.

So for example, that could be, if you are a beauty makeup expert, investing in more beauty and makeup training, right. If you're a real estate investor investing in more real estate investing. If you're a designer graphic designer doing more training on designing. Right. And so your investment is more of what you're already an expert in, right?

That doesn't solve your problems with inconsistent sales and marketing. Do you hear what I'm saying? You can pour as much money in investment and upgrading your skills, your credibility, your certifications, your training, but that's not gonna bring in the sales. Your credibility and your product itself are not gonna sell themselves.

People aren't gonna look at it and be like, oh, I see the value that you bring. And that's gonna generate sales. People may do that once or twice. Friends and family might do that once or twice, but it's not gonna come through with consistent sales for you. Okay. This is really critical for you to remember because if you don't solve the right problems in your business this same time next year, you and I are still having the same conversation. All right. So I want to challenge you, to really not just look at what problems need to be solved, but really am I solving the right problem with where I'm at right now in the stage of my business. Your to-do list will never be done.

Your to-do list will never be done. Right. I often use this analogy, right? You own a home or you've ever, you know, I feel like this is a really simple concept people get, right. You're building a new home. They're gonna flip it and put that new house into the market. Okay. You're gonna need a contractor.

You're gonna need a plumber. You're gonna need an electrician. You're gonna need all of these experts. Okay. To help you flip your home. So, if you are doing it DIY yourself, right? You can hire that contractor, which is, that social media manager, you can hire that electrician, which could be your website designer.

Right? You can literally write a check and invest in working with them. But if you don't know what type of house you're building, you don't have a blueprint for that. You just paid people a whole lot of money to sit around and wait for you to figure that out. It's not that you don't need a contractor or the electrician or the plumber.

It's about hiring them at the right time. It's about solving the right problem, being focused on what that problem is in your business and doing what you need to do next before you tackle the next milestone. Right? When you're flipping that house, you gonna have a blueprint of what it is that you want your house to look like.

Okay. And then later on you then hire the contractor, the electrician, the plumber, but many times in our business, we don't look at that way. We start thinking, okay, I feel like an imposter. I feel like it's a mindset issue. So I'm gonna invest more in training. I'm building my credentials so that I don't feel like an imposter syndrome.

Here's the catch. At every level that imposter syndrome will come back. It's not, if it goes away. It's when it comes back, how do you address it and how do you bounce back from it? That's really the key here folks. So I want to encourage you as you think about 2022, and you think about really what's next for you that you really take a moment to really think, am I solving the right problems at the stage of my business right now, all right. So let me just dive in right now. Let's just talk about what that looks like for you. Okay. I'm gonna go ahead and pull this up. Let's see if this works.

That's too small. All right. That looks better. Okay. So here, I want you to think about where you are at. Okay. So if you are at level one, which is struggling and you're making less than $10,000 a month, I can literally predict that one, you're in creator mode, and your human connection that's what this real, this S is. I don't know if you can see this, let me just make sure that yeah.

Can you see this? right. This little line right here next to the Scarce. It's restless in certain and abundance, right? You're still too much behind the scenes. If you're in struggling, you're still too much behind the scenes. You're not visible enough. Okay. Does that mean that you're not thinking about how do I step up in my visibility?

How do I step up with my human connection and my leadership? Oftentimes the symptoms look like you're dabbling. One minute. You're fully committed. The next minute you're not. You're also, multi-multi passionate where you're doing multiple things and trying to get them up and struck it all at once or your heart's in it, or it's not.

Or if your heart's in it, you have little focus on income. This is the difference between being a community project and at being a business. Okay. So what do you need to succeed? You need to focus on sales. You got to commit to doing, and you've got to begin to focus on selling, to validate that demand.

Oftentimes what people do is they'll create a product, the one you sell it once and then they're, they can't sell it again. And then they think it's the product. So I need to go back and create a new product, a new service, a new program, and sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. And that's not the case the product itself doesn't sell itself.

People buy you first before they buy you. So right now, one way of working with me like your kind of move up from struggling to stretching, right, is really inside my 12-month program The Customer Yes Lab. This is really key because in 12 months, not only my focus in helping you elevate your messaging to attract premium MVP customers so that you hit your sales online faster.

MVP is your most valuable paying customer. But the key here is that we really build and lay the groundwork for you to move from struggling to stretching and even start to begin to really get you to the rising level. Okay. This is why it takes 12 months for me to work with my clients and students to get us to lay that foundation work to up level.

Right. It's not just a, how do I do a live that's one piece of it, but it's really laying that groundwork to say, yeah, we need to make you, your sales hit your sales goals faster. We need to make your messaging much clearer, much more confident, much more attractive. We need to get clear on who your ideal MVP is, but meanwhile, we're also helping you rise into that empowered CEO because as you can see here at every level, you've got to lay the groundwork.

You can't move from struggling or stretching, if you don't have certain fundamentals in place, right. This is what other people don't tell you. They sell solutions like how to do marketing, how to do sales. I talked to so many people who said, Elizabeth, I've done a course on how to do Instagram, to generate leads.

But it's still not converting for me. It's gotta be the content. It could be the content, but oftentimes it's because you don't have a clear strategy on how to monetize. Where do you move from Instagram to that next step in your, in your nurturing? Right? So what do you need to stay here folks committed to doing? selling.

I was talking to another person recently, she's been working on her offer. She's been invested thousands of dollars to get her sales to funnel automated and built. Right. So she has a program ready to go.