Good morning. It is #TASTYYES! Tuesday I am dropping in because today I want to talk to you about how do you build a winning team pro bono, AKA when you don't have any money to start. Now, I'm going to do a quick tech check because I want to make sure that you can hear me. So say hello in the comments. I got my favorite coffee.

What are you drinking this morning? Let me know in the comments. I always love to have this. Feeling of just like us coming together, having coffee. So today I want to just keep it real, right. Because I know that many of us when we are starting out in our business, whether you're in a startup and you are looking to scale, or maybe you're at the growth mode where it's crazy busy, I like to call it crazy busy.

And you're starting to think about really how to hire this month for September has truly been all about hiring, right? Like teams and hiring. So, oh, I see Georgia in the house. Good morning. Yes. Coffee, Georgia. I'm trying to cut back. So, I've been like, ah, thanks. Thanks. I'm trying to do it, I got a live tonight that I got to get ready for.

And I see Ayana here is on my team. So we got a lot to cover today. The first thing I want to give you a heads up on is that I'm hosting a networking event just for compassionately, ambitious doers. And Ayana here is gonna drop the link into the comments. I'm gonna just pull it up and I want to invite you to come.

Okay. My network virtual networking events are I think a lot of fun, because one of the things that I love networking, and I love really just, let me just pull this up. Ayana is gonna drop this in the link. And it's free. Okay. And I want you to share this with amazing people and what this event is gonna be about is we are gonna network.

We are going to network, but really the table topic is what happens when you bet on you? What happens when you finally said yes to you? And I want to invite you to invite your people that just wanna be surrounded by like-minded people. Who are like-minded people, purpose-driven, compassionate, ambitious, right?

What does it mean to be compassionately ambitious? You have dreams. You want to create that freedom life. Your business is your vehicle for that, but you've got like a big heart you're compassionate. And you maybe might be guilty of being an over-giver. How many of you will admit to that? I am an over-giver.

And I admit that, but I charge more because of that because I know that for every client that I serve that invests in me, I will pour abundance into them. Pour abundance into them. And so I want to invite you to come. It's gonna be on October 8th, seven to 9:00 PM, central time, and this isn't just gonna come and you can just meet people and do whatever.

This is gonna be an event where I want you to come. We do have an agenda. So if you arrive on time, you'll get to make the most of the networking event. It's going to happen on zoom. It's a free event RSVP by sending me a DM. You want to be there. Okay. And then I would like to ask you to share this with your network.

Reshare it on your newsfeed. I think that this is gonna be a really fun table topic for us to talk about. We're gonna do speed networking. Everyone will get a chance to introduce themselves depending on how many people come. We will maybe have different breakout rooms as needed. Someone here at the door.

Can you believe it while I'm doing a live? It happens. This is real-time.. And then we will then do that. And then what we'll do then is then we'll do speed networking. I want you to meet other compassionately, ambitious entrepreneurs, a panel, and really just hear their stories. And I want us to share, not only what we do, but really like what happened when you really bet on us.

Yeah. We're going to have like that deep of a conversation. I'm kind of a deep person. Right? And so I want to invite you to come and I want you to really just get an opportunity to just really network with people who are really looking to genuinely like builds relationships and rapport online. And then the last thing we're gonna do is we are going to do an ask and give, okay, so this is perfect for you.

If you just want to meet other people, come to be inspired, right? I really want to create a space where I know that as entrepreneurs, we all are looking for more clients and more sales, right. But sales really start with trust. And so if you are, a giver and a taker come. If you are looking to just meet awesome, amazing people, which, you know, they're going to be there for you.

I have some pretty amazing people in my circle of people and they're coming. I really want to invite you to come. Okay. Just to come have a good time, bring your own drink. If you'd like, right. There's no judgment here. And really, it's a really great opportunity to come. So this is perfect for those that really are focused on, Hey, I just want to genuinely have some adult conversations with people that are compassionately, ambitious. Learn about their business, learn about, what really happened when they really bet on themselves.

And it really has some genuine conversations. Okay. That's really like who this is for who it is not for is if you are coming and you're thinking I'm just gonna come in to listen. No, no listeners, you come in, you play all out. You've got to show up. Okay. You've got to show up. And what I mean by that is, your zoom camera ready, whatever that is for you.

I often say that, when you go to meet a person like in person, right? You don't wear a paper bag over your head. You make some effort, comb a hair to change out of the pajamas, right? To meet that person at the coffee shop, this is the same level of, professionalism or expectation.

I would say at a networking event online, like let's not get lazy here, folks. Right? You don't need to be all dolled up and wear a suit or anything, but at least put some effort because our first impressions of other people are like within the, just within seconds before that person even introduces themselves, because we are visual learners.

That's how our brains process things good, bad, or indifferent first impressions matter. So put some effort into that, turn on the camera, right? Who this is not for, I've been to networking events where people come, and literally, they're just looking to scout and grab like names. And then all of a sudden, like three seconds later, three minutes later, they're like pitching something to the DM.

If you're here to be a taker, just stay home. I know you're already home, but just don't even come. Okay. Because I really want this to be an opportunity for us inside of this Facebook community group to get to know each other. But it this is also open to everyone, not just members inside of the hybrid CEO Facebook group.

Okay. So I want an opportunity for you to come and really let's just have some genuine conversations, cause you just never know. In the next month, I'm gonna be talking a little bit more about networking and how I believe. And I teach my students, my clients this too, that building a relationship is never a waste of time.

Right? I know that as entrepreneurs, many of us really go in and we're looking for more clients and more sales and more referrals. But every time I speak to someone, I don't go in with the intent of, Ooh, I'm gonna get more clients. Okay. I really go into the intent of what are their needs. What are their strengths?

What lights them up, let me get to know them. And then afterward, I usually have three, maybe four categories that I'll bucket people into. Okay. The first one is, are they a potential client? Yes or No. Two, can they be a good partner, as a collaboration partner, potentially cross-promoting each other, right?

Like a power partner. The third one is can they be an advocate for me? Is this person just genuinely a good person? And the more that we get to know each other, we can genuinely refer business to each other. Okay. And I have found that if you show up and you are real and you go in with the intent to serve and you're coming from a place of curiosity and authenticity, people will want to just be in your network.

Right. It's not even that they wanna work with you. Sometimes it's just not a good fit. Right. And that's okay. Right. I have other business coaches that are in my group and I'm like, Hey, come, come and see what I'm doing. And feel free to draw inspiration for what I'm doing in your group. Right? Like I don't see that as a competition.

I really see it as let's help each other rise because I am my own person. You are your own person and you will attract your ideal customers. Just like I will attract my own ideal customers. Okay. I love this question. Let me just pull it up here. I don't know why I'm looking at my Facebook feed. And for some reason, it is not this.

So this person, if you can click on StreamYard above, I can see your name for some reason. In my Facebook, let me just kind of refresh this so I can see names. Oh, there it goes. Okay. Will this be a good opportunity to meet or seek mentors? I think that one of the things we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be doing an ask and give, and I think this is going to be amazing ask that you can put out into the audience, the people that will be there.

Okay. And I'm gonna talk about mentorship in a little bit because I'm gonna be talking about how do you build a winning team. And so stay tuned. I think that this is a really great segue into that. And so we'll talk about that in a little bit, but yeah, this is a great opportunity to come and make an ask.

Okay. I love what Georgia says here. Sounds cool. Relationships are golden. Absolutely. In business, it is about what? Trust. Sales are trust. Trust your customers, trust with your referral. I refer business to people because I trust them. I trust that they're going to treat the people that I refer to them well.

And so if I don't trust you or I feel like you're not a trustworthy person, cause I really don't know you. It's really hard for me to refer people that I know to you because every person that's in my network, like I'm a little protective of, like even if they're just casual colleagues like I value people.

And so I just, don't like to be that person that will just refer people for affiliate kickbacks or money. It's like, if I'm gonna make a genuine introduction, I want to feel good about it. I wanna feel positive about it. How many of you are like that? Let me know in the comments. Right.

So anyway, I invite you to invite all your people to come and join us. Like I want this to be like a packed house. Okay. If it gets really big, this is networking will be broken out into breakout rooms. We'll worry about the logistics later. But the other question that I had that come up is done I have to be an entrepreneur to come and you do not have to be an entrepreneur to come.

You could be a working professional who's maybe thinking about a business and you're trying to figure out like, can I just network and like, learn more about what people are doing? Okay. Cause I would love, I mean, we might have some life coaches they're gonna be there. Right. So they don't necessarily, they're not going to be entrepreneur-focused.

They could be life coaches, parent coaches, right? Like you just never know who you're gonna meet. Right. And so I encourage you to come, but I want you to come with the intention that your heart is purpose-driven. I believe that as an entrepreneur, you can have an entrepreneur mindset. I was that way when I was a working professional.

All right. And so come with just being purpose-driven. I think you can be a working professional and still be 100% purpose-driven, compassionately, ambitious. Okay. We will have mostly entrepreneurs there just so you know. Okay. I love what this person said. Becky said, yes, agreed. Georgia says I love cohorts with like-minded people. I did to, and I want this to be a meaningful networking event.

Like I really hope that we can genuinely, really show up to support each other. And like I said, the topic is gon