Happy happy Tuesday, good morning. Or maybe good afternoon where you're at. Give me a moment here. We're just gonna do a quick technology check here to make sure that I'm up and running. You know, I'm not a yoga wear all day. I was just laughing. Cause someone's like, all you do is work out. Like I'm a trophy wife, not a trophy wife.

But I do, I do dress up. I did dress up. Hello come on in, we're gonna give a couple of minutes here, and we were dive in to talk about self objections. How many of you in your business often get the, I got to talk to my husband. How many of you get that? Right. So say hi are you're tuning in here and let me know where you're tuning in from.

Okay. A couple of announcements. Great. I have my upcoming Captivate to Close Masterclass that is kicking off on October 25th. And Ayana here is going to drop the link in the comments here. If you have not yet registered, make sure you register okay. One you want to register, so you get the workbook. Okay.

Two, we are giving away prizes. Okay. For those that do their homework, that show up that play all in. And you've got to be registered to be eligible to win. Okay. I see you Gold. Good morning. So good to see you. I'd love it. Send some fires, tell me like what you are guys doing, everybody brings their drink? Okay. I love it. Ah. I got someone who's tuning in. Hello, Cindy.

She's in the startup. That is how we, I love it. Can we stand Cindy's? Oh, I see a whole bunch of hearts for you, Cindy. I'd love it. I'd love it. This is the beauty of having a business online is that you can literally be anywhere. I was up north last week. Just totally enjoying my workstation.

Right. Just took the week off and said kids, stay with your dad. I am going up north to work and enjoy my time. And I got so much done. I got so much done and I'm super pumped coming back. So hello, welcome. So as we're waiting for people to tune in, tell me one, what your business is because here we are trying to learn more about each other and two like, what are some common sales objections that you get?

Okay. Tell me what you do, what your business is, and the common sales objections that you get. Okay. Now, let me tell you a little bit about what we're gonna cover in the captivate to close a masterclass. Okay. I'm gonna just, we're gonna post this up, but I'm super excited. Cause I've been working in my team on our, our, our new workbook and these are just some of the topics that we're gonna cover.

Okay. So I don't want you to miss out, so make sure that you register. If you need the RSVP, just type RSVP. And my team will just make sure to DM that to you too. I'm all about making life easy here. So if you're like, I just can't click and save on the link right now, just type, RSVP into the comments, and my team will get this to you.

Okay. Day one in the captivate to close masterclass, we are gonna be talking about how do you instantly attract your premium customer? Okay. We're not just talking about getting customers. Okay. This masterclass is for you. If you are in a startup where you're just starting out. Okay. It's for you. If maybe you've been struggling to hit your six-figure year.

Okay. Because what's it's gonna do is for a startup. It's gonna tell you the gaps that you need. Okay. Especially if you wanna start attracting premium customers, charging more for your services, and working with ready to invest premium customers. And if you've been struggling with hitting six figures in your business, this is gonna be for you too, because you're gonna start to see where you need to shift and sift through all the many things that you're doing to get laser focused and. dial it

When you first start, you're kind of all over the place. Cause you really don't know, especially if you're doing it by yourself. Okay. Kind of throwing spaghetti on the wall. But if you gonna have this for a while and you still haven't hit your six figures income anywhere from 10 to $20,000 in sales per month.

Okay. Consistently. You're leaving money on the table. You're leaving money on the table. I often say you sold something once in your life for your business. You're leaving money on the table. Okay. You're leaving money on the table. Okay. I love gold. Gold's dropping all of these. Okay. So that's what we're covering at day one, keep them coming.

Day two in the captivate to close masterclass, we're gonna talk about how to differentiate yourself with premium pricing. This is really key. This is all about why you can actually charge more and it's an advantage to your business. Okay, this is differentiation with premium pricing day two.

Day three. We are going to cover, I have to look at this, right. Day three, we're gonna cover premium packaging so that you become your customer's first choice. And this is for you, whether you're selling a product or service, like a program, life insurance, you're selling MLM products, other people's products, you are a DIY person. Like this is for you. Okay. This is for you because packaging, we might think of packaging. Like, what you see on shelves at a retail store, packaging, whether you're selling a tangible thing or service all comes back down to the packaging, which has everything to do with clarity in your message being dialed in effective. So that when you take and do your marketing and sales, it's working 90% for you.

Okay. That's day three. Day four. I'm super excited. This is what this today's live is gonna be about, is going to be about really how to sell premium with class and the human touch. And we're gonna touch on my classy sales framework and just a little bit here as we talk about how do you overcome the objection?

Okay. Then day five. We're gonna talk about scaling your visibility and your business with purpose. Like, how do you scale your purpose and visibility beyond that first year, whether it's trying to hit your first success or first six-figure a hundred thousand dollars, multiple six figures, right? This is for you.

And then I'm also gonna have some extra bonus days for those that are really eager to start looking at tools and technology. How do you just even like, think about all of the things that you need in your business., Just like if you were running an offline business, like a restaurant, you need equipment, you need service, software, hardware, and equipment, right.

Online, it's the same thing. And too many entrepreneurs online make the mistake of investing in free software, right. That really takes them more time than you take. Okay. So I'm all about charging more and working smarter. So you're gonna realize then when you come to this class, you're gonna get, you're gonna get real, every link you need to dial in on who is my premium customer, how do I get clear on my messaging and position myself as yeah charging more, but it's actually an advantage. It's not a disadvantage for me, and my business, and especially how do I close with class and the human connection. Because we know, right. Logically that sales is about trust, but it's especially even more important when you are charging more. Right. Because the more that you charge, the more dollars your customers are spending with you, they got to feel that they can truly trust you.

Right. And so that's gonna be really key. And then, yeah, we're gonna talk about the tools. That's what I call the headache tools and software that you need. All right. So I love what gold has in here for now. She is an introverted professional limit. She helps introverted professional women create flawless makeup without spending hours in the mirror.

And these are just some of the objections that she gets. Drop me some emojis. If this is all, these are also sales objections that you're getting. And thank you so much gold for doing this, right. You are too expensive. Well, when you come to the captivate to close masterclass, I'm gonna show you how this is actually a differentiator for you.

Okay. Because when people say this, that you're too expensive, it's because one, you've been positioning yourself in your marketing, your content, your messaging is what I like to call the Walmart strategy. Okay. You haven't been positioning yourself as really that, that premium leader, an expert in the marketplace.

Okay. I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. I love this objection to gold. I love this too because of the way that you design your business. So I want you to think about your hybrid business model. What is the hybrid business model? It is about. Understanding that your business to be really super competitive and have, and make the use of your, your online world with all the amazing God bless technology and social media that we have nowadays. You've got to build a hybrid business model, meaning that you've gotta be looking for leads offline, right.

Locally, where you live, but your whole branding, all your marketing, everything has to create an ecosystem online. This is why we have the advantage as online business entrepreneurs because we are thinking very differently and innovatively with our business. The way that we look at our business, right, is we're not like, small business owners that are maybe more brick and mortar just think, oh, social media.

Oh, emails. That's just digital marketing. No, no, no. We are building our actual hybrid business model because of our brand, our email or social media, our content, our videos, our posts, personal business, our whole image, our whole visibility, our interviews, everything. Right. That gives you visibility and brand and establishes you as a number one go-to expert in your niche, your industry, that's your ecosystem. And here inside of the hybrid CEO, we know that we've gotta build a hybrid business model because online isn't going anywhere. And the more that you lean towards online and how you market message and build your business, the advantage is yours. It is not everyone who's trying to just grow business locally because they still think of social media and online is like extra stuff. Of digital marketing. I mean, I talked to so many business owners that are seven figures and they still think of social media and email, like digital marketing and they'll hire an agency to do it, but see, it doesn't work as well because what they're just focused on is advertising.

And you can't just build your business just on advertising, social media ads. You've got to really shift the way you think and the way that your team shows up and optimizes their social media profile. So you can see, I get so passionate about right. Thank you. Here are some other ones. So she's got, let me think about it.

How many of you have done that have seen that?

Okay, so thank you, Paul, for doing that. And of course, we're gonna talk about, I need to ask my husband first. I'd love that. I'd love that. That's exactly what we're talking about today, okay. So some of the other ones that I just wanna point out to you because if you've been following me or if you're new here and we haven't had a chance to meet yet, I'm an online business strategist coach.

And I focus specifically on growing your business online and offline by raising your visibility and charging more. Now, how do you charge more? You got to get very dialed in on your messaging. So it's all about, not just clearly with your message, but dialing in on messaging, an elevated level to attract your premium customers. And charging more and using that as an advantage for you and not a disadvantage, right?

So, 90% of your effort should be spent on messaging and marketing. And it's gotta be done strategically in a way that when you get to that sales conversation, whether it's a conversation in the DM or on a call, it's about 10% of the job. So when I start to hear some of these objections, like during the point of sale that tells me that all of your marketing and content up to that point could use a lot more tightening up.

Right? So I know these are examples that gold has shared with us here. That she's experienced. I'm sure she's not the only one. So I'm not just, picking on her, but I'm using this as an opportunity for us to grow together. So things like, I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. Let me think about it. You're too expensive.

Those are three sales objections that you can tighten up in your marketing and messaging because those are not things that you wanna hear at the point of sale. Okay. At the point of sale, they should already know maybe not exactly what your price point is, but that you're going to be a little bit more expensive and it's gonna require a little bit more investment than maybe the average person.

Okay. This should not be a surprise at the point of sale. Okay. And if you've been nurturing and having conversations with your audience, let me think about it. If I'm not ready. Let me think about it. I'm not sure if I'm ready. Those are conversations that you should have had already through your marketing and messaging.