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Hey, there it is Elizabeth your Customer YES! Business Strategists. Today is Tuesday as you know, same place, same time. Every Tuesday we have #TASTYYES has happening where I come to you live to teach you a topic about leadership growing your business, pricing, marketing and these are really timeless, classic strategies and tactics that you can adopt and take into your business, right.

In order to take your business online, to charge more. Now we are in the midst of the Scale YESES! Bootcamp today is actually the last day of the bootcamp. And so I have some logistics. That we just need to nail down and get out of the way because people are working. They are curious if you were tuning in say hi, can you hear me? Okay, let me know.

I am going to actually just make sure that my mic is working. Like it should. Let me just do a quick mic check here. I think it's. I think it's working. Let me just see, say hello? Hello. Hello? Okay. I think it's all working. All right. It doesn't matter how many times I do this. Tech changes every single time. So if you're catching this live or on the replay, let me know, type into the comments.

What would you do with an extra thousand dollars every month in your business? What would you do? But what you do with that, if you just got an extra thousand dollars in your business every single month, every single week, right? Like, imagine all the possibilities that you would be able to do in your business.

In today's training, we are going to be talking about premium pricing. You're going to hear me talk about really, how do you charge more? And you're going to hear me use terms like high ticket versus low ticket, which really just means. Higher pricing versus a lower pricing. Okay. Oftentimes people think of leadership and they think that it has something to do with just managing people, managing a team.

It's something that maybe might exist at you know, a job or in corporate, right. But one of the things that I want you to be able to walk away with today during this training is that premium pricing is 100% dependent on your leadership. So, if you are tuning in say, hi, let me know that you are here in the comments.

Okay. Say hello. Right. So just a couple of logistics because we are in the midst of Scale YESES! Bootcamps. And then I'm going to dive right into this topic, which has been the cornerstone of my Bootcamp. How do you position yourself as the number one go-to expert in order to command higher pricing? Today, I'm going to give you three really tactical ways that you can begin to think about premium pricing in a completely different way, but all of this hinges on the timeless and classic strategy of you stepping into your leadership.

So I got a couple of questions. I love how some people are catching up. They're literally like binge-watching for the Bootcamp. I see it because I see people actually starting to do homework. They've got questions. I have that on my radar to get to you today, I did not forget about you for the Bootcamp you have until today 11:59 PM, to do a couple of different things.

The first one is to binge-watch and catch up on anything that you need to by today. Okay. By today, 11:59 PM. Central time. Today is also the last day for you to join me inside of The Customer YES! Lab. Okay. One of the most exciting things that I'm hearing people loving about this is that just during the Bootcamp you were gonna get your course portal built for you. It is going to be done for you. So that by the time that you launch that next big idea, online, that business, that additional revenue stream in your business, if you already have an established business, right, you're going to have that all done, ready to go for you and all of my folks that just aren't really big tech fans are loving that. Okay. So doors close for The Customer YES! Lab today. How do you learn more? Well, one of the fastest way you can go to to apply, or you can simply type clarity call into the comments and book a call with me. Now, this clarity calls serves two purposes.

The first one is to really help you in your next level of breakthrough, from the Bootcamp. You don't have to have watched all of the trainings for the Bootcamp, but I do want you to come to the table with your 90-day game plan. Tell me what's working. What's not working. Tell me where you're stuck during that clarity call you and I will diagnose the three priorities that you should be working on in the next 90 days. I am here to serve this clarity call is complimentary for everyone that's registered, that has gone through the Bootcamp. This is my way to serve and show up. You don't want to miss this opportunity. I don't do this often.

I only do it during the bootcamps. Right. So it is truly a win-win for both of us.

Say more about The Customer YES! Lab. I can definitely talk to you about that. Right. But if you're not interested, that's okay with me too, because what I'm really excited about is working with people that want to work with me that are eager to really take their idea to the next level you've been hearing from all of my students and clients inside of The Customer YES! Lab, how their lives have changed.

Some of them took three months for transformation to happen. Some of them took a little bit longer. Some of them took a year. Right? Think about it. Boua Lor took a year of us working together before she was finally to take her nonprofit to the next level, growing her team, able to crowdfund $10,000 in just two weeks, and really look at funding $200,000 in grants for her nonprofit.

That was just two years old by then. Sometimes people's transformations may take longer. But I can promise you that in just 90 days, you will start to feel the shift already happening inside of you. You will, that I can promise you. I can promise you that you are going to start to see a big shift in yourself, and that shift needs to happen first because the person that you are now is not going to be the person that you are going to need to take your business to that next level. If you've heard from every single of my students, if you've been watching binge-watching in that you have until 11:59 tonight, right? You will hear their transformation did not happen overnight, but the key ingredient and really where the transformation began was they took action and there was not the certain confident kind of action.

It was the uncertain, but full of faith kind of action. That's the action that I'm talking about. It starts not with one day. It starts with making today day one for you. So that's how we're going to talk about in our clarity call. You know, I really want this to be a win-win opportunity. Right? So jump on the call, even if you're not feeling, if you're feeling not ready, even if you're like, oh my gosh, I haven't done all my homework.

I haven't done all of the replays. It still will add value to you because if you haven't found time to invest in working on your business, I often say that you've got to keep your business, your dream top of mind, whether it's five minutes or five hours. And if you don't take this action to book that clarity call so that I could just serve you and really help you identify the three top priorities that are, that you need to focus on and really help you diagnose what's working and what's not working because you're afraid that I might sell to you or pressure to you or convince you to buy something that you're not ready for.

Then I'm going to tell you right now, you're going to be on the same trajectory that you continue to be on because the same doing continues to deliver the same results. Okay. I shared the story of how often I say to my students and clients, that the question that you should not be asking yourself, a $5 question is whether or not this person will sell to me the question that is really the difference between a $5 question, the $5 million question.

If this person resonates with me, how does this person sell in a way that does not feel sleazy? I got experiences for myself so I can start to grow and learn how to do this for myself. That's really the question you should be asking yourself, right? So I want to invite you whether or not you feel ready or not is to take this leap of faith and just book a clarity call, period.

Just show up. I see you. I see you Mee Kue. I see you, Sandy Lo. I see you Doris Yip. I see you, Molly Lo. I see all the people that show up that have been showing up as best as they can during this Bootcamp. This is the difference folks that will make or break you in your business. This is the difference with whether or not you are showing up consistently working on your business, working on your dream, and ultimately working on you because you are the cause the effect is money, money follows you. If you ain't following your business, working on your business.

You're never gonna see the sales consistently. It's a simple cause and effect. All right. So in the comments. Type clarity call and my team Josapheena and Ayana will reach out to you to book that clarity call. Now, if you can't meet with me today, as long as you book it today, one of the things that you will be getting, just remind me on the call is you're going to get my free guide to how to create a Yes Worthy Offer. This is just an additional guide to go a little deeper. If you've been looking at maybe two or three different ideas, maybe you're like, I don't know which route to go. It is literally a decision tree that will help you make a decision on where to focus. For the first 90 days, remember, we've been talking about it throughout the whole entire Bootcamp, how you have to build one bridge to get to the other side, because my friends if you are on an island and you're trying to get to the other side as many bridges as you build if they are not complete.

You're never going to get to the other side. It is only truly one bridge from start to finish. That's built that will get you to the other side and in business, it is the same thing. This is why you've got to flip your business. Just like you got to flip that house as quickly as possible and understand the fundamentals that you need in order to really get to the other side period.

Right? So here's your chance. Don't pass it up. It is only during my Bootcamp that I offer this because when I say to you that I am here to serve, I brought my whole team to make this happen. You know, I say to my team day one, when we started planning for this Bootcamp, that our sole mission is to get more diverse.

Heard entrepreneurs heard, seen, and well-paid in the marketplace because representation matters to me. All shades, all sizes, all life stages, no matter how old you are, I want you to be online. There are people out there that need you, need your services, need your products. And more importantly, because you are selling products and services, they need to hear your story.

They need to know that they're not alone. And that is what I am committed to. And I tell my team this, I don't care whether not I have sales or no sales during my Bootcamp. What I care most is did we deliver an amazing positive Bootcamp experience to each student that came through my door? Did they leave feeling like we cared about them?

Did they leave feeling like if they put in the time for the training, the homework, and the effort that they believe that yes they can? That's it it's that simple, that's it? Because those that are meant for me. Right. My MVP, my customers, they will come. And those that are ready to take that next journey. I am so ready to pour into you.

Everything that I know that's been proven to work and really help you take it to that next level. I mean, just think about it. If I can pour into you coming to a free event, like my Bootcamp, imagine the possibilities. When you make the investment in yourself, it's not an investment in me. It is the investment in yourself that matters the most. Right. That matters the most. And I love this. Oh, I love this feedback. Who is this? Oh, Ka Youa, Ka Youa said it. Okay. She said, I finally had the chance to sit down and watch your replays. Your Bootcamp workshop is so valuable. Thank you for doing this. Absolutely. I want every student to come through my free Bootcamp to feel like, yes, I can do it.

And I know that you can because if you've listened to the students' stories throughout this whole entire boot camp, they were once upon a time sitting exactly where you are right now, all it takes is one decision to change the directory that you're currently on. One decision to commitment for the next 90 days.

That's it. That's all it takes. That's all it takes after that we go from there. We go from there. Right? So couple more announcements. Last day is today, book a clarity call with me. I'm here to serve. Let's look at where you are now, where you need to go in the next 90 days. Where's the gap. Let's plug that gap in.

Okay. Because I know your to-do list is endless, just like mine. But you got to work on the right things at the right time when we're flipping our house, don't go shopping for those appliances and furniture yet, if you don't even have your house blueprint built, don't try to DIY your plumbing, your electrical wiring, and hope that when you are ready to put your house in the market, you can just mash it all together.

And it'll just work. Don't do that. Don't do that in your business. If you are really serious about building a sustainable profitable business that you can enjoy and can get maximum income for maximum impact, book that clarity call now. Type book clarity call into the comments. And my team was scheduled for you.