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If you’re struggling with closing sales faster and selling authentically, this episode is for you.

When you believe in service and want a relationship with your favorite customers for repeat business, selling with the human connection authentically is key.

Now if you want sales that are like One Night Stand clients where you get your money, deliver it and then that’s it. This strategy won’t work for you.

Remember that when people skip these three Golden Rules, selling is experienced as sleazy. So to avoid that, make sure you’re not looking to cut corners. Instead, ask yourself how you can ACCELERATE through them.

Here are the 3 Golden Rules to stick to in order to sell faster with the human connection. They each build upon each other:

Are you Credible? This is behind the Know, Like, and Trust that many of us have heard.

Do you give first and then you can receive? This is about Reciprocity there’s a specific difference that I talk about in this episode.

Are you Reliable? This is how trust happens. You’ve got to be consistent in how your show up and your messaging in your business.

Remember authentic sales is about real conversations. Be sure to have systems in place to help you remember the details that matter:

• You need a system to track your leads

• You need to be a better listener to listen to the details that matter.

• You need to follow up (thus, you need a system)

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Hello. It is #TASTYYES! Tuesday. And Elizabeth is here. I am here. I'm going to do a quick check here to make sure that I am up and running. If you are joining me here live or you're catching the replay. Let me know in the comments. Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Let's just do a quick check here to make sure I'm on. Today, I'm going to be talking to you about how you can Sell Faster with the Human Connection. So let's just make sure that I'm up and running. I'm trying to grab my Facebook here and it looks like I'm up. I'm up. So say hi, if you're watching it, tell me where you are tuning in from. Are you excited about today's episode?

Today, I'm going to be talking about how do you Sell Faster with the Human Connection. What are some common mistakes that a lot of people make, you know, oftentimes rookies people who are new to selling sometimes not always new. Sometimes you've just been really selling the bad way, right? They often forget, and they try to skip these three golden rules that I'm going to share with you today.

So wherever you are on your journey. Whether you are building your multi six-figure business and growing and scaling, or you're looking at startup and you have this business idea that you've been thinking about for awhile or a side hustle that you're looking to turn into a full time gig so that you can exit your eight to five job.

Stay tuned, stay tuned. You know, a lot of people often think about sales and it scares them. Some people they can erase it and they're like, oh, this is fun. I can tell you that by the time that you're done with this episode, you're going to be walking away with three things.

You're going to be able to, one, walk away with really those three Golden Rules that I want you to keep in mind when you're thinking about selling in your business. And the second thing that I want you to be able to walk away with is something really tactical and tangible that you can immediately implement inside of your business. You know, I'm all about doing, getting things done because why friends? Because results happen in the doing! Results happen in the doing! Type that into the comments if you are catching this. Because when you type right? Or you write down what I'm telling you, it sticks and you can remember it much, much better. All right. Anybody, if you're driving or you're multitasking, I'm just going to ask you to not type, right? So if we haven't had a chance to meet yet, hello, I am Elizabeth Yang.

I am the founder of this community group. This is the place to be. If you are looking to simply scale your business to multiple six figures and you want to build a rising tide for compassionately, ambitious builders, right? That's what I'm all about here. That's what my students and clients and my community is here all about.

All right. So let's talk about sales. Let's talk about where you are in your sales journey, right? This training is for you if you believe in creating repeat customers, okay? You've got to value building relationship with your customers so then you get repeat business, okay? This is for you if you want to be able to sell much more authentically because let's keep it real.

We've all been sold to. You walk around in your house. Odds are you have been sold to. The clothes that you wear, you've been sold to. The type of electronics and brands that you buy you've been sold to, right? So sales is not sleazy. The only time that sales is really sleazy is when you're not shopping you don't welcome it.

You're not here to buy and someone is literally shoving a sale or an offer in front of you. How many of you have been there? Let me know in the comments, right? This is for you, if you're the type of person that truly believes that you're coming from a place of service, right? Because this type of selling is not for you, if you're the type that I like to call, One Night Stand clients get your money once then you deliver the goods. Hopefully, you do because that's unethical and illegal if you don't right? And then that's it. And then you're like moving on to the next. You're not even worried about building relationship.

You're not worrying about nurturing them. You're not even worried that they're truly going to finish your course. You're not even worried about that. You're already moving on to the next client. This is what I call One Night Stand clients. You get your money once, and then the next day is like, here you go.

All done, got to go, right? So stay tune. What comes across sleazy? Let me know in the comments, right? Type it in the comments. Share an experience about a sleazy conversation or sleazy sales interaction that you had. I want you to just think about that for a moment. Okay. What made it sleazy?

I guarantee you the golden rule around Know, Like, and Trust did not happen. You see rookies often skip and try to skip the Know, the Like, and the Trust. And this is the first golden rule. If you want to write this down. Awesome. If you are tuning in and you would just love the notes to what I'm teaching today in this episode type notes into the comments and my team will get you the notes.

Got it? Great. Anytime someone tries to skip Know, Like and Trust. What is that really about? What are they trying to skip? They're trying to skip their credibility with you. If you ever think about where you've had a sleazy experience with someone. It's because that person, you didn't know them, you don't even know if you liked them and for sure, you probably didn't even don't trust them.

They're not credible, right? They're not credible. And so when they're not credible, right. And they're trying to take your money, asking you to buy something. There's no way that you would hand her over your hard earned dollars to someone, right. That you don't even know I can trust you don't even have credibility with them.

And let me just clarify here for you. Just because that person told you, what they do. Hi, I sell life insurance. Hi. I worked for X, X company and I'm selling these MLM products. Hi, I am a fill in the blank coach, right. That doesn't mean that they know you. You just told them what you did, but that doesn't mean they know you, you see it knowing you it's like they can walk away from the conversation and remember who you are.

And they actually can remember what you do. It's not just a simple, Hey, this is what I do in a brief conversation. Are you looking for X, Y, Z, right? They've got to be able to remember who you are from that conversation and what you do. That's really what, Know is. That's really the heart of credibility.

That first golden rule that people try to skip, right? To get to just those quick sales and get to what I call One Night Stand clients. They're skipping the golden rule of do I have credibility? Do I have authority and credibility with this person, with my audience enough that they Know, Like, and Trust me, that's really at the heart of credibility.

I want to share with you how powerful the human connection is. It took me a really long time to get my head wrapped around. How do I really sell authentically and with the human connection. Once upon a time, believe it or not. I used to be so afraid of sales. I thought I was the worst person when it came to selling.

Right. I was like, oh my gosh, it made me so nervous because I often thought of sales as those sleazy car sales men and those random sleazy DMs that I would get with people pitching their services left to right, right? I remember one conversation in DM this gentleman had DM me and we didn't really know each other.

And he's like, Hey, I just want to introduce myself. I'm so-and-so and I sell life insurance. I was like, cool. That's awesome. Great. Right. And then he goes, I'm not trying to sell you anything. So I just want to be clear with you. I'm not trying to sell you anything, but do you happen to know anyone that needs life insurance?

Folks if I don't Know, Like, and Trust you, why the heck would I refer you or anyone that I know to you? Okay. This was like, he was trying to be, this was a soft sale, right? At then I said to him, but I'll think about it. Thank you. And he kept pursuing the conversation. Right? And finally I said to him, look, I don't even know you that well and I'm quite frankly not looking to buy right now.

So thank you for reaching out. But I believe in getting to know each other before we do business, right? And then he got snarky in the DM and he said, I wasn't even trying to sell you. I was just asking if you knew anyone that needed life insurance.

So he completely should've walked away when I said, no, thank you kindly. Right? But then he came back and was very defensive in that conversation in our DM and what that golden rule was really about isn't just Know Like, and Trust. I know that many of you probably heard that already. It was really about Credibility, right? Do you have Credibility in your expertise with your audience and wrapped around Credibility is knowing, liking and Trusting you. People often think knowing you is just you telling them what your title is and that's Knowing you. No, Knowing you means that I have to be able to walk away from the conversation, whether it's in DM or a live conversation, and actually remember one, your name and two, what you do. That at its most basic simple level is what Know is about. That's the first golden rule, right? With your audience when it comes to selling with the human connection, do you have Credibility? Do you have Credibility with the topic that you are an expert on the product or service that you're selling?

This is true whether you are a service professional provider or you are selling tangible products. See, oftentimes. My, my founders and entrepreneurs who are selling tangible products, like clothing, makeup, home decor, right? Like tangible products, stickers. They often think that in their their social media all they have to do is just talk about their thing, their products and that's good enough, right? But when you only talk about your products, cause again, I'm all about what? If you know me now, right? You know that I am a business strategist focused on getting more customer YESES! commanding higher pricing, and you've got to position yourself as the number one go-to leader in whatever it is that you're selling in that niche, in that ind