Good morning. Good morning. It is #TASTYYES! Tuesday. I'm excited to be here. It is hard to believe that it is October folks. Oh my Goodness. Three more months and 2021 will be done. If you are joining me here, live or the replay, say hello. Did you bring your favorite drink to share with, huh? Yes. Let me just do a quick check here.

I wanna make sure that you can hear me because it doesn't matter how many times you do this. You always think that it works and it'll just work like last time, but you just never know. You never know. So I think you can hear me. I think you can hear me. Okay. Well, we got a lot of exciting changes that are happening and so I'm just gonna dive right into it.

I got my coffee here with me this morning. You guys know who this is, right? Edna Mode. She is my favorite, favorite character from the Incredibles. When we were out at universal studios, we've picked up this coffee mug and every time I hold it, every time I drink out of it, I chant a little bit of Edna in me.

Good morning Mae! Good morning. So if people are tuning in, I wanna talk to you today about how to shift from the charity mindset to the prosperity mindset. This month of October, we are tackling all things mindset. Okay. And we've got a lot of fun changes that are happening. I love to change things up.

I love to try new things. I love to create a community of powerhouses and compassionately ambitious doers and entrepreneurs and builders to create a rising tide that lifts all shifts. And I often say that if you're part of my free community, I want to pour a lot of love into my free community.

Right. I mean, when I say it's free, it's you come, you engage, some of the feedback I've been hearing from you has been like, wow, Elizabeth, I can't believe you pour so much. Or I can't believe you just share that for free. Right. And that's because you see I'm an over-giver. Okay. And I believe that in today's world growing your business online, you've got to stand out and the best way to do that is to really lead with the human connection. Right. And I'm an over-giver. I used to think it was a weakness, but I've learned to channel that into a strength. Just like any strength overused can be a weakness.

I often say that people had over-give and then feel bad about it. It's because they don't have a clear conversion path on how do I overgive how do I serve? How do I convert and how do I close and then deliver my services? They don't have that clear conversion path. And oftentimes that's really what's missing.

Right. And so. As you're saying, hi, click on this StreamYard above so I can see who's here and watching so good morning. So this month we're gonna all just focus on mindset. So I wanna know what are some topics that you want me to cover? Today I'm gonna dive into the charity mindset versus prosperity mindset, because one of the biggest lessons I have learned working with compassionately ambitious builders, whether the entrepreneurs working professionals or they're in the government or nonprofit sector, is how charity hurts us more sometimes when we're trying to grow and make an impact, then it really helps us. Okay. So stay tuned. I'm gonna talk about that. Okay. Later on this month, we're gonna talk about what are some other things that we're gonna talk about.

Well, for starters, talking about mindset, we have our upcoming networking event. What's happening in three days. Okay. Ayana here at my team. She's gonna drop the link. I'm gonna just pull this up. If you have not yet RSVP by sending me a DM, please do that. Okay. Please send me a DM to reserve your spot. Okay.

This is happening this Friday, some of you DM'ed me and you're like, Elizabeth, I don't have the link. Oh my gosh. I don't wanna miss it. That was last Friday. And I'm like, it's next Friday, October 8th. So I will get you the zoom link my team and I will get you the zoom link. Right. And so. Join us. Join us. I am super excited about this.

I'm trying to find more time to host networking events in a different way. I want it to be, not only about connecting people, but I really hope that you can walk away really inspired. We're gonna do speed networking. We are going to truly get a chance just to really get to know each other.

Okay. We are going to also learn how we can support each other by gives and ask. Okay. And I'll talk a little bit more about what are the common mistakes that people make when they're networking? They'll say, oh yes. My ask is I need more clients. Okay. And that's what you don't do. So when you come on Friday, you will get to hear my advice and my guidance around.

What is an ask? How do you make that ask? Right. Especially if you are looking for clients, but what's a better way to ask that, I'm always like, it's one thing to just do it, but I challenged myself and I challenged my students and clients say, what's a better way that you can do that.

That is just going to be much more of a win-win. And so when you come on Friday, I'll set the stage for that, with how do we network, make that ask and make that give. And then we're also gonna have, a panel. I wanted you to hear from these online business entrepreneurs. I want you to hear about how some of my clients.

You know what changes happened in their life, the good, the bad, and the ugly when they finally decided to bet on themselves. Okay. And we're just gonna go really deep on this because I think that sometimes online people can get really lazy. And what I mean by that is, yeah. If you come to this networking event, I do have the expectation that you turn on your camera.

You don't have to be, suit and tie or all dolled up. Right. But I often say that when you're networking in person, you don't go to the coffee shop with a bag over your head. Right. I mean, nowadays you might go with the mask, right. But you don't go to meet someone for the first time with a bag over your head.

So why don't you show up at a zoom networking event with your camera off? We make first impressions within just seconds before we even open up our mouths. And this is so key folks to growing your business online. First impressions matter. It's not about judgment. It's just, we are designed as human beings to quickly make an assessment in just seconds upon meeting someone.

Okay. So you're gonna get to hear about that. And we're all gonna get to share how we are growing our businesses online, making maximum income and maximum impact, and truly the theme, the table talk topic theme is really about what happens when you bet on you.

Okay. And I can tell you right now, the two things that are holding you back. It's gonna show itself as you're sitting on the fence. If you're sitting on the fence about this event, one, you're telling yourself I want to go, but I don't actually want to turn on my camera. I just want to listen in. Okay.

That's already a good clue that the growth of your business is going to be hindered because you wanna stay invincible. Okay. And when you're invisible, you're hidden. People can't see you. You're playing small. And because of that, you will not get sales consistently. It's a fact, okay. The product will not sell itself.

You have to show up to add value. You have to show up to sell the product or service you're selling. Okay. The second thing, if you're sitting on the fence with this and you're like, I don't know, what is Elizabeth going to pitch me? I can tell you right now because this month is all about mindset. Is that you're going in with the wrong intention.

Okay. We sell the way that we buy. Okay. And odds are if you're sitting there and you're like, Elizabeth, and who's gonna sell me on this. Odds are you're inconsistent with your sales and your business. And your biggest complaint is probably my customers. Just where are the customers that have money to buy?

Why do they always just say they don't have money to buy? Why? because you attract those that are like you and you sell the way that you buy and you will attract customers that think like you, and act like you, right? And so the biggest shift that you can make for yourself is to say, you know what, maybe I've had some pretty bad experiences with going to the events or connect with people online. And then they sell to me, but, you know what? I am not going to give up on the fact that there is a community out there of entrepreneurs that wanna do business from a place of reciprocity, from a place of real genuine conversations and relationships. And because of that, I'm gonna give this a try. Okay.

That is the mindset of someone who is willing to grow themselves step outside of their comfort zone in order to grow their business. You are the cause, money is the effect. Okay. And so I am challenging you to just notice these things about yourself since this month is all about the mindset that's happening.

Okay. So how do you RSVP? You send me or my team or Katie, a DM, and we will make sure that you get a zoom link. This is happening on zoom. It will not be broadcasted into the Facebook group because we actually want to have this thing called a conversation where you actually talk to the other person and you go back and forth.

Right. And like, I know right now it's a one-way conversation cause I'm live streaming, but this is why I wanna do more networking events for our community and your community because I actually wanna engage in a two-way conversation. That's kind of a nice thing, right? In this day of social media.

And then lastly, before I dive into today's topic about charity mindset and how do you shift from charity to prosperity mindset is have you met Katie? Have you said hi to Katie? I wanna officially welcome Katie to joining my group, my team. She is your success mentor, and I'm really excited to have her on board.

First of all, she and I geeked out on health care. Cause I am very passionate about healthcare, mental health at a long-standing career in that. And she is a military spouse. She is a mom of two human kiddos and pets, and animals. And she is a fun, just adorable person to get to know. Right. And so she's really meant to come in and really one connected to proven training and resources and the goodies that I have coming up.

I really believe that the biggest differentiation in your business growth online is going to be the human connection and as much as I want to talk to each of you, right? Sometimes I just can't get around to doing that. Sometimes there are time zone differences, sometimes that's why I'm trying to host more networking events because I want to get to know you.

And so Katie is gonna be coming on board to really help with the experience here. So I wanna hear feedback from you. I wanna hear you engaged. Most importantly, I wanna inspire you to show up consistently to produce some results in your business. I want you to get to know each other inside of this group because there are some amazing individuals and entrepreneurs that I know that I personally invited into this group.

I get the pleasure of meeting them and hearing from them. And so, that's really the key. And I also want you to tap into Katie for perhaps not only specific questions or topics that you might want me to cover, but really what introductions could myself or Katie help make for you? Maybe you're looking to hire a specific expert.

Maybe you're looking to find, a fitness coach, right? I was just talking to a good friend of mine earlier this week. I've been trying to tell her for the longest time that she just needs to hire a fitness coach or trainer. Okay. She has been trying to lose weight and live healthier probably for the last 10 years.

Okay. And it just hasn't happened. She's gone to the gym. She's tried to do the whole healthy eating and shakes. She's just tried it all, right. And I just said to her. Look, if you want results, you just hire the expert. Okay. There are just some things that I personally don't want to be an expert at.

I don't want to be the expert at losing weight. I don't wanna think about it. I don't like to go to the gym. I wish I could tell you that I really love working out. I feel great afterward, but rolling out of bed in the morning. Just to do that. It's not my favorite thing. I would rather sleep in.