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How fun is that? That is so fun. I love that. It's always like gives you so much energy saying that, ah, if you are tuning in today, it is #TASTYYES! Tuesday right here inside of our Facebook group. I wanted to, oh, hi Lily. So lovely for you to stop in. I wanted to talk to you today about the four red flags to spot.

When you are looking to hire and build your winning team, I'm going to share two of those tips today. Next week, we'll continue to talk about some additional red flags to look for. So let's talk about. A couple of changes are going to be happening starting in August. I'm super excited to share with you some exciting upcoming changes inside of our Facebook community group.

For starters, one of the things that I'm going to, I constantly tell my students and clients this, and I want to encourage you to also do this for your own growth in your business is every three months to evaluate. If the strategy that you are on still continues to make sense to you. If the strategy that you've been executing on is showing and giving you the results that you want.

We just wrapped up our last, you know, just a couple of weeks ago, our Scale YESES! Bootcamp. An amazing turnout. I had some really great new tactics and strategies that I was doing with my team. And I just cannot wait to debrief with students inside of The Customer Yes! Labs, some of those learnings. But one of those learnings that I will share with you is really about making sure that in your business.

That when you decide to commit to a strategy that you are giving yourself at least 30 to 90 days to see if it's yielding the results that you want. And one of the things that I'm going to start doing in August, which is starting next week is you're going to see a lot of different changes. You know, as I've grown this group, as I have grown my business right.

Building on teams. And that's why I'm talking to you today about really the red flags to look for when you're hiring and building your winning team is continuing to add value to those that really see the value that I bring every week. Right. So we are going to be renaming our Facebook group. I want to be focused on business owners, online entrepreneurs that really want to grow their business and really grow and step into being the online CEO that they want to be. Many look at online businesses and fall in love with the idea of flexibility, right.

The ability to work from anywhere, the idea that all you really need is your laptop and a camera and some great light lighting. And you're all set to go. But growing your business, taking your business from local brick and mortar to online is a challenge. It is one of those double-edged swords that if you want to take your time to do it, it feels like you have all the time in the world.

Right. But oftentimes when you're taking your business online and truly committed to creating an online business that will work for you, you've got to be committed to going all in to your online business, your business online income stream. You can have a hybrid business. You can have a business that focuses on providing value locally as a brick and mortar, or maybe, you know, local networking associations.

But when you start to add on your online income stream, you've also got to be committed to showing up consistently. And over the last three to six months, I have been looking at the data. I have been talking to many of you. And one of the things that I've found that makes, you know, lights me up and lights up the students and people that are part of our community is really how I bring together a comprehensive strategy.

I was talking to one of our members here inside of the group about what I could do differently to help her grow her business and how I was different from maybe other business coaches that she was working with because she was working with someone who could help with her marketing. And I said, if you're already working with someone, you know, who's coaching you on your marketing, why are you talking to me?

And she said, it's because Elizabeth, you bring to the table, all the pieces to build an actual business. You're just not building something that brings sales. You're legitimately comprehensively building a business. And I love that. And it made me realize that I need to do a better job of leading by example and niching down.

So you're going to see a couple of changes happening, you know, starting in August. And that starts with renaming our group, that starts with having people create accountability circles to really show up. Right. I show up every week here for you. For those that are part of my community. Right. And so I wanted to share that with you.

I think that's the first change that's going to be happening. So I'd love it. Let's see here. Let me just make sure that say hello? Hello? Hello. I see Lily here. Oh, I love it. Hi, Lillyrose. Good to see you. I see Donna's here. Wonderful to see you Donna. Love it. So by now you might be thinking, okay. My business is growing.

I've made the decision to hire. I've decided on the roles that I really need to hire next to my business. Right. I'm going to start talking to candidates. What are some of the things that I need to look for? Sure. Let me just start with this. You know, oftentimes when I'm talking to my students and clients outside of The Customer Yes! Lab, one of the things I say to them is that I don't care if you're a solopreneur. Or you already have a brick and mortar business and you already have a team. And now you're just looking at taking your business online or trying to figure out how to create a hybrid business model, where you can start to serve online.

And you're going to start building out your team, right? Wherever you are in the stage of your business. I want you to keep in mind. This is what I tell my students and clients. And this is why I specialize in charging more, because I want you to have cashflow that's quickly coming in so that you can hire quickly, whether it is a contractor, whether it's your first VA, whether it is truly, you know, hiring an internal person that can grow with you in your business.

Growth. Success is not a solo game. Okay. And so sometimes when I'm talking to entrepreneurs or they have this fear around being too big, right? Like I just, you know, I want to keep my business simple. I don't want to manage people. I really want to keep it simple. But whether or not you are a solopreneur or not, if you are looking to hit six figures, just even a minimum of a hundred thousand dollars in sales a year, you've got to have more than just you. Period.

You've just got to have more than just you. You've got to have hired help. And I say this from day one for my solopreneurs, who are just a start up mode. And I say this to my experience, entrepreneurs who already have brick and mortar businesses and already have a team. And they think that their current team that's managing their local brick and mortar business can automatically transition and start handling right, business operations online.

But they're not the same skills. They're not the same skillset. And so you have to start evaluating where you're at, right? In your, in the stage of your business, you've got to get really real about your strengths. And that's why this month for the next six days, I'm running this amazing opportunity, the software to really help you discover what you're strengths are so that you can get really clear on your style and influencing selling and management the sooner and the faster that you can get really clear on what your natural strengths are, right? The quicker you can start making decisions. Here's two things that usually happen when I run this right. When I run, when I run this assessment with my clients and my students, and I have these coaching conversations with them, they'll either say one.

I already knew that. Okay, great. If you already knew that, how is it showing up in your business? Show me, right. Sometimes we might be aware of what we think our strengths are, but we are not leveraging them. We're not activating them and directing them in our business. And what ends up happening is that our business ends up being so much harder than it really needs to be because we're not actively engaging our strengths or the second thing tends to happen, which is, I didn't even know I had strengths like that.

I once was talking to, a woman who owned her own marketing agency and in her assessment, she found out that selling is actually one of her top three strengths. And she said to me, Elizabeth, I actually didn't even think selling was my strength. I thought, I thought that I just didn't sell very well, but to see that selling this style actually is in my strength.

It tells me that I just haven't been tapping into it. I haven't been trying to figure out how to activate it. Right. And I know that everyone's unique and I know that an assessment isn't the be all promise. But what it does, it allows you to remind you to rediscover your strengths and ask you, are you leaning into it?

Are you leaning into your strengths with how you sell? Are you leaning into your strengths with how you influence others? And are you leaning into your strengths into how you manage people? And this is so critical as we talk about the red flags that I want you to spot so that you can avoid these people in your business.

Right? So Ayana here, in my team is going to drop the link here for you. If you want to grab the link type strengths in the comments and Ayana, we'll get this to you. It's only $97 and it includes the assessment for you to take on a coaching call with me. Okay. And it's only for a limited number of time. I only have a limited number of spots open.

And as this month, we're talking about leadership and we're talking about selling and we're talking about building and hiring your team. This cannot be underestimated. This is so critical. If you want to move faster and make faster decisions to grow your business to six figures and more. Success is not as solo game.

And to get to at least six figures, you can't do it alone. You really can't. You really cannot do it alone. And no matter how much automation you have in your business, no matter if you hire the smartest people to build you, the sexiest automated funnel, you still need a team. You still need a team.

And so if you want to just check out the page to learn more about how you can leverage your strengths to influence a sell and what that starts to look like for you. And let's have a coaching conversation, as you are beginning to like hire your team. Or even if you're thinking about who do I hire next type strengths in here, and Ayana on my team will get you this link, okay.

So let's go ahead and dive right in to today's topic about how do you begin to spot the four red flags. Now I broke this out to two parts because I'm going to talk to you and share with you these tips, but they're going to sound pretty like common sense. And so I really wanted to spend the time today to really break this down even more during our call today.

Does that sound good to you? All right. Cool. So I remember when I first started in my business. Right. And when I was in corporate, I had a team that I was managing, I had done the hiring. I had done, you know, the candidate interviewing right. In my role. So I thought, how hard could it be? Right. Hiring when you're running your own business.

Right. So let me just share with you some of the mindset, barriers, and challenges that you might be facing right now in your online business. As an online entrepreneur as the online CEO that you're stepping into, right? Like you might be standing there and you're like, oh my gosh, how can I even begin to hire and think about hiring a team when I'm not bringing in consistent income, this is the number one top concern for many online entrepreneurs.

How many of you have had that? Right? How do I do that? And then the next question really becomes, how do I know who to hire next? You know, I hear a lot about VAs and virtual assistants and things like that. And I'll be honest with you. I'm not a big fan of the terminology, VA. I think it really takes away from a lot of these workers professionals.

I feel like VA sometimes can be one of those words like secretary. I really just am not a big fan, but I think it's common. So I use it and I just prefects it, prefects it with the fact that, you know, for me, a VA is really a professional who specializes in a certain area. And oftentimes when we're looking at hiring a VA, we often think, oh, I just need someone who could do everything that I want to do.