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Hello? Hello? Hello. It is#TASTYYES! Tuesday. I'm so excited to talk to you today because, in this episode, we're going to wrap up the conversation that we had last week, about how to spot the four red flags to avoid when you're looking to hire and build your winning team. If you are tuning in, let me know where you are tuning in from say hi in the comments. Let me know. So before I dive into today's training on how to hire and those four red flags to watch for. You might have noticed a couple of changes happening here inside of our community group. For starters, I renamed our group as The Hybrid CEO. And this is because over the last several months. As I've had an opportunity to talk and connect with many of you, I'm going to be making some really big changes inside of this group.

And to be quite honest and direct either some of you are going to really love it, or some of you are not. And that's completely okay. I often say when it comes to marketing and our business, Where I want you to be positioned is either you attracting your people or detracting those that are not your people where you do not want to be is in the middle, where things are great. And you're just really polished or very nice. Right? You want to have this polar fact, but people are either like, yeah, you're my vibe or no, you're not for me. I think that it would, it does, is it does two things for you in your business. And it saves you both time, right? You're going to know who's for you. And those that are for you are going to follow you.

They are going consumer content. And when they feel called upon through your invitation, your customer yes worthy offer to work with you. They're going to say yes, right? There's no, the wishy-washy line between, do I like you or not like you, right. And it's a win-win because for your audience, if you are bringing them everyday value in their life, you are likely showing up in their feed and inspiring them, motivating them, teaching them. Something giving them these aha moments that are really helping them stay focused on whatever genius zone you bring to the table. Right? So drop me some fire if you are present here with me, let me know that you are here. So what exactly is The Hybrid CEO? Over the last several months I have worked very closely with some of you inside of this community.

And some of you inside The Customer YES! Lab, one of the things that I started to realize, I started to really hone in on who my ideal dreamy customers are and my people are that business owners, service providers, experts that really believe in creating maximum income and impact want to do two things. They want to have a local presence that's strong and they want to stay committed and connected to their community.

The second thing that's really important to them, as they know, is they need to show up online in a very visible and consistent way. And it's not just because it's about lead gen, but it's because they want to diversify their income. And that to me is really different than having a local business where you're just looking at social media as strict promotion and lead gen that has a very different business model than The Hybrid CEO who's trying to build and grow a business around having a local presence, serving their local community and serving online. Their marketing strategy is different, their sales and how they convert and lead gen is different. How do they operate, who they hire, who do they staff on their team?

It's all different. And quite frankly, being in The Hybrid CEO is really the wave of the future. This is really where the modernization of businesses going and when you're hiring because that's exactly what we're talking about today. Do you want to be thinking about who do you currently have on your team? If you are local brick and mortar. And for instance, who do you need on your team when you go online? So for example, one skill set requirement, whether you're hiring, or maybe you're on the opposite end, where you're looking to get hired, to work for an entrepreneur, I'll be hiring over the next several months.

So if you're interested, stay tuned for that. So for example, camera presence, that skillset is going to be so much more critical online than it is in brick and mortar in person. Yeah. Do you want a team that maybe has great customer service skills? But in the online space, you want to make sure that your team not only has a great customer service experience but that they also have camera presence, especially if they are going to be external public-facing, perhaps in your marketing, perhaps in your sales, right.

That they are able to turn on the camera and have a presence. And that is a skill set. That's different when you're hiring, you know, in-person versus looking at growing and building your online business. Right. And so lets we over the next several months as we began to do more community building inside of this group, and really, I just feel really called upon to help business owners who really want to modernize their business. I had a client that said to me, Elizabeth, working with you. I no longer think about my business, the old-fashioned way, which is to go in, you know, networking events or conferences and associations, and do presentations in person, or just on zoom by working with you. I feel like I've completely like modernize my business.

I think about social media in a different way. I think about my online, my business online in a completely different way. My business now online is not just about social media to promote things. It is truly a strategy. It is truly how I convert. It's truly how I close and it's truly how I network and find quality people to be part of my circle of influence. And that is a real way of leap thinking. That's a really different way of thinking of leading and operating your business. And so the more than I thought about it, I said, you're The Hybrid CEO. If you want to grow your business and think local, but also understand the value of being online. You want to have a strong local presence because you want to be connected to the community where you're at.

That's important to you. Right. And you want to be online because you know, a generates new leads. It gives you access to new audiences and new people, and it diversifies your income in new ways. That honestly gives you flexibility. It really does. Right? Like being in the online space is huge with flexibility. If you're working smarter and you're charging more, the beauty of technology and automation online gives you so much leverage in a different way than brick and mortar and local effort give you.

All right. The second thing about being a Hybrid CEO is that you're all about maximizing income and impact. And over the last several months, I have really started to really see the difference between business owners and entrepreneurs who want to continue to sell low ticket versus those that want to charge more. And I realized that one of my zones of genius, what I'm really good at as a business strategist is helping my students and clients truly position themselves as a number one go-to expert so they can charge more and work smarter. And that's really what I realized. I really wanted this community group to be about.

I want to be creating a network and a community where people value the work that they do, and they want to attract high-quality customers, high-quality, premium customers. They're not about. You know, vanity metrics by having maybe millions and millions and millions of followers, they're truly focused on who is the Most Valuable Paying Customer that I can attract so that I can truly work with someone that is about quality.

That is about valuing what I do. And even if I sell tangible products that I can charge more and they value it because they understand the quality, the passion, the details that I provide in my products that are really are different from the less expensive stuff, right. There is a niche for this. There is a growing demand and need for this.

Okay. And I realized that, Hey, I've got, that's what I'm really good at. I'm not worried about tons and tons and tons of hundreds and thousands of people. What I'm worried about is quality people. When you have the right people. Right on your bus, you can go so much further. And that's what I'm really excited about.

So that's one of the big changes that are happening here inside of this group. You would have seen that by now. Hopefully, The Hybrid CEO is all about taking your local business online for maximum income and impact, and it's about charging more and working smarter. And I love surrounding myself with people that are part of this community who share this common vision, this like-mindedness value because look, I mean, didn't many of us get into this business so that we can have more flexibility than we can feel fulfilled through our passion, our purpose and profits.

Right. I have been talking to too many people. That are just all about money in their business. And when you're all about money in your business, and there is no purpose or passion for you, right? You are overworked, you are stressed and it is very hard to differentiate your business from your competitors.

And then on the opposite extreme side, I've also met so many passionate entrepreneurs. Who's got a heart in it, but they're not about making money. And when you're not about making real money consistently in your business to create a lifestyle for those that you love and for yourself, guess what you get burnt out.

And those are the ones that give up because you just aren't bringing enough money to cover your basic living expenses. And if that's the case, you're not around, you're just not around long enough to continue to serve. And what you might feel is your purpose, you're calling your passion. We need money in order to be able to create the lifestyle that we want.

Right? You are the cause. Money is the effect, type that into the comments you are the cause money is the effect. And so this month we are talking about leadership and I'm so excited for those of you that are, raise your hand to say, you know what? I want to learn more about how to lean into my strengths, how my strengths show up in how I manage, how I influence and how I sell and so those of you that signed up for the boost strategy sessions with me, I am super excited to be sitting down with you. I've already started to take a peek at some of those assessment reports that are coming in for you. And I'm so just blown away because I already started having, you know, conversations with you on the DM.

And some of you have been telling me some of your biggest challenges. And when I look at the assessment, I'm like, wow. She's not leaning into this. Or she's focused on the wrong thing at the wrong time. When in reality, she needs to activate the strength more. She's not trusting herself when it comes to sales or influence.

And this is how that looks like for her is a logic that closes the deal for you, or is it your passion and your vision that closes the deal for you? You know, based on my personality and my strengths. What closes the deal for me is my enthusiasm. It is my ability to be deep in the emotions with people and remain absolutely calm.

And 1000% focused with the aim with the person I'm speaking to. I can't tell you in the last couple of weeks, how many calls I've had that the other person is sitting on the other side have cried. Because in just a short amount of time, we've been able to go there. That is my strength because I believe when you're growing your business, you've gotta be passionate.

You've got to be real with who you are. You've got to see and be very self-aware of what you're great at. And quite frankly, what you suck at. And I know exactly what I'm not the best at. And I tell my team all the time, I'm not the most patient with this. Okay. Other things I'm patient with, but this no. Right.

And it's because I know what my strengths are. Right. So those of you that have been reeling, like, you know what I want to step up and my Hybrid CEO hat, and I want to step up and really, you know, be consistent with my sales and my visibility online. Can't wait to talk to you. Cause you're going to be able to find that that strength assessment, when you and I start, meaning one-on-one is going to just open up your eyes and blow it away because you're going to either realize, well, I already knew I was doing that and you're going to need to get clear on that or you're going to realize, wow, I didn't even know that I was doing that.

And I'm going to challenge you. How do you activate that more? How do you direct your strengths more when you're leaning into how you sell, how you influence, and how you manage other people? You know, I'll give you an example just this week, right? Suni Lee, Hmong Asian Hmong American one, what all-around gold, right?

For her, her competition in the Olympics and the gymnastics. And I can't tell you how many people I knew in other parts of the nation that didn't really know a lot of, you know, Asian Hmong women sending me a DM congratulating me on just this milestone accomplishment for Suni being the first Asian American Hmong Woman ever to win gold in the Olympics.

Right. But it wasn't just that it was also a business opportunity that came knocking. Right? And I can tell you with 100% confidence that, that opportunity for this company to start collaborating and consulting and working on their business. I mean, this woman is a seven-figure e-commerce business and she's looking to partner and bring me in, right.

It wouldn't have happened if I didn't know what my strengths were, if it was not consistent and visible online, right. And just so we're clear, my positioning has always been, I value what I do and I'm priced a lot higher than maybe what my other competitors are. And I've been very consistent and clear with that.

So when a person reaches out and still wants to work with you knowing exactly what your position is. Me, I know they are ready to work with me at that price point. There's no, you know, am I too expensive? Because either I'm a heck yeah. Or a heck, no. Right. And so that's really what this community is all about.