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Hello? Hello? Hello. It is Elizabeth here on #TASTYYES! Tuesday. How are you today? Today, we are going to be talking about the Missing Ingredient In Your Marketing that makes a huge difference when it comes to attracting your MVP, your Most Valuable Paying Customer. So sit tight. I'm going to do a quick tech check here.

Make sure that I am working and I am on a, like, I should be. I hope that you are having a fabulous week. It is gorgeous where I am at right now. Tell me where you are tuning in from, you know, I got to tell you sometimes summer is the hardest time to stay focused in front of me is literally this huge window where I get to see the sunshine.

I get to see the sunshine. So it's just really tough to be working. Working when it's this gorgeous outside. Oh, let's make sure that I'm here. Yes. Okay. So tell me where you're tuning in from. Tell me if you're catching this on the live or on the replay. Oh, we got Virginia in the house. Hello. Hello. Hello.

Welcome. So I'm really excited to talk about the Missing Ingredient In Marketing, especially if you are looking to grow your business and scale your business online, this is even more critical right here in the US, we are just starting to open up our businesses. So many places are finally starting to open up yet.

And as exciting as that is, and as needed as it is, I'm sure you're feeling me on this. For us to just be able to go out again, back to needed with no mask. I'm still a little wary of what the world is like around the world, what the economy is like around the world, you know, here in the US we are blessed with many, many things.

And even though the vaccine is widely available here in the US so many other countries around the world are still struggling with getting access. And so that will impact us from an economy perspective with that being said, what does that really mean to your small business? What does that mean to your small business?

Well, today I want to talk to you about the missing ingredient, whether you are a direct to consumer where you market directly to consumers, or you are B2B, meaning that you actually do consulting or you sell to others. Small medium sized businesses with either done for you services like an agency, or maybe you're in consulting or you're a service provider, perhaps you are a therapist, right?

Turned taking her private practice to now going to direct to consumer, maybe your financial advisor who wants to create a business beyond just selling other big companies products. Right? You want to do financial education or literacy, right? Or maybe you're a realtor or hair salon owner. Who is beyond being the expert.

And you're actually at a point in your business right now, where you want to take your whole entire experience, not just be an expert, but an expert running a business. And you want to show other experts in your industry, how to be successful, how to run profitable businesses, right. That I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you.

So. Let me see here, let me just make sure that I got everything that I need here. I got a couple of my notes here that are hiding. Uh, here it is. Here it is. I am talking to you now here in the digital world. If you're looking to really grow your business in the digital space, you know that I have been talking to you about how you've got to think about online as beyond just social media.

Right online as just beyond digital marketing, but really thinking about how do I build a business that is really based on a model that allows me to be able to do business locally, but also scale and diversify my offering and my income and revenue to be able to offer programs, services to anybody from anywhere around the world.

So your business. Has to not only adapt to your local community, your networking, your service, but also start thinking about what does that start to look like online. Right. A nail tech is one of my clients and she provides in-person services. Right. She does ladies nails in person, but when COVID yet, she's starting to think about how do I create a diversify my online business, my model to include an online income stream that is beyond just selling products like nail Polish.

Right? I want you to think about what that would do to your business. There is no reason that you need to continue to stay local, right? It requires you to shift the way that you've been doing business. It requires you to shift the way that you have been doing marketing. Okay. Now, many times I've met and talk to so many different coaches, consultants, service providers that often turns to marketing and social media as lead generation.

Right. I want to be able just to post on social media, tell them what I'm offering and then be able to get someone to click on it and buy, right? So they're using social media and digital marketing as a promotions, right? Like this week we have on sale X, Y, and Z, buy one, get one free, buy this. Right. But what I'm telling you that the biggest differentiator right now for your business is going to be thinking about social media, thinking about digital marketing, as conversations with your ideal customer.

I call this conversations to conversions. What do I mean by that? You got to start looking at your social media as not just tools to engage with a couple of likes or comments. Everyone, 100% of all people that are your ideal customers are online now COVID has accelerated that and made sure that grandma and grandpa know how to use zoom, too.

Right. So you got to first shift your mindset. And you gotta just think, it's not that my customers are not aligned. My customers aren't online, they don't like Facebook. They don't like being on LinkedIn. No, they are online. They are online because they are now online and because so many other business owners are trying to get online.

There's a lot of clutter. There's a lot of noise, right. So now I want you to realize that how are you going to stand out? How are you going to find your ideal customers? Well, last week I talked to you about how important it is that for you to find your ideal customers, you've got to what you've got to notice them first.

And so today, if you're all about repeat business, building relationships with your customers, having them come back to you, having them come back and buy from you. I'm talking to you. The human connection continues to be the number one biggest differentiator for your marketing. And this is what's, what is the missing ingredient in your business?

Are you ready for it? If you're ready for it type ready, type ready? Great. I've got some hello here as well. Hello? Hello. Hello? Not only do you need, think about your marketing as conversations that convert, right. Making sure that you're constantly thinking about where do I want to take the conversation next?

Okay. This is so key and I'm going to bring it back to just a really simple. Simple simple way of thinking about your marketing. You know, a lot of marketers want to make it complicated, right? Whether you're doing email, maybe you have someone that's running your social media management team. Right. I see a lot of small business owners that are starting to hire and farm out these, these marketing and messaging at lead generation activities to different partners, different agencies, different VA's to outsource them.

I totally get, I totally get the need for you to do that, but oftentimes the missing ingredient right now in your marketing is the integration of what I call all of those micro yeses, who is the one that is looking out to make sure that all your marketing, all your messaging and all your marketing and messaging and social media are coming together to really create those conversations that convert.

I want you to think about that for a second. Have you ever stepped into a car, a rental car where all of a sudden you turn on the engine and the radio was on and within just seconds, right? Just seconds with the radio on, you know, if that radio station is for you or not for you, I mean, it's literally seconds, right?

When you're talking to your ideal customer, and hopefully you're talking to your ideal customer, being your Most Valuable Paying Customer, you got to tune into his or her frequency. I often teach my students and clients that this is the WII FM frequency, What's In It For Me. And when you think about all the activities that you're doing your social media, all the activities that you're doing in your emails, your marketing, your content, right?

The digital age has made us even more spread then with content, we've got to create all the different platforms that we could be on. Right. It's overwhelming sometimes when it comes to content and your marketing, but there's gotta be somebody in your business. And likely to you because you're the owner that is looking at the integration of how are all these pieces coming together to really create a conversation that converts, a conversation that are like breadcrumbs that moves your audience from point A to point B to point C, to get them to eventually shift from a micro yeses.

Right to a macro YES. Who is doing that in your business? This is the integration of all of those micro yeses coming together. You've got to make sure that those conversations and that attention to those details are happening in your business.

Does that make sense? Those, the integration of those conversations to ensure that they are converting for you is so key. I was just talking to a client of mine. She said, Elizabeth, I have a fairly successful business right now. I am doing very well. But I can tell you that I am absolutely frustrated with my marketing.

I have a couple of, I have a couple of VA's that are helping me with the marketing and the content. I got one that's posting and doing social media, but I just don't know what's broken. I just don't know what's not working. And I said to her, well, hold up, I'm a little confused for two reasons. One you're you just told me that you're you have a successful business and that you're good with where you're at.

And now two, you just told me that you're completely overwhelmed. You're talking to me like, there's something that just isn't right in your business. What exactly is the problem in your business? And let me just forewarn you that I am not a digital marketer, right? I am a strategist that really focuses on growing your business through marketing and sales and profit and products.

But really through how customers behave, make decisions to buy that really carefully. That is my zone of genius. Right. Is how do I position my business to get and scale as many yeses as I want to grow my business with half sales. Right? That is really the key is the marketing is just component of it, right.

I often focus on what is your business model? It's gotta be marketing, sales, operations, and people. Those are the four big pieces that you need in your business. So it's almost like holistic, I guess, marketing. And so she said to me, she said, I don't know. I just don't know what's broken, but what I want is confidence that it's working confidence that if I open up my books, because I need more pump appointments, I can turn on that lever and have leads come flooding in.

I want you to think about that for just a second. The missing ingredient in her business and sales is not bad marketing. She's already been doing marketing, just like many small business owners out there, like you that are doing marketing, whether it's email, whether it's posting consistently on social media, whether it's doing live streams, whether it's nurturing your groups.

But when was the last time that you went back through all of those activities and you actually asked yourself, what are the actual conversations I'm having in at each touch point and what is the call to action that I am trying to move the needle on. If I'm sending out an email, where am I directing my audience, who are reading my emails to go next?

Are they going to that next thought, right? If you're sending out emails asking to join your program or your free community are people joining and once they join your community, are you having specific targeted conversations that allows them to know what's next for them? Each step of all your marketing efforts has got to move the needle on the conversations in order to get to conversions.