Updated: Jun 18


With social media ad spend on the rise, in this episode, Elizabeth Yang shares 3 simple ways you can triple your leads without spending money.

First, your intention with your social media and content online are to start meaningful CONVERSATIONS. One clear path that I call this CONVERSATIONS-TO-CONVERSIONS.

When you keep it this simple with every touchpoint, you’re creating engagement and the traction you need in your business to generate high quality leads.

These are tactics she’s tried and what her clients have tried that work!

Here are 3 simple ways you can triple your leads:

  1. Opimize your online profiles (aka social media hot spot) like your Facebook personal profile.

  2. Use Insta Stories or Facebook stories everyday with short 30 second clips of useful advice.

  3. Directly reaching out to people one-on-one with an invitation to join you.

These simple tips are about leading with the human connection first so that you are building relationships that turn strangers into guests that you’re entertaining. Listen to this episode for more tips and examples.

If you’d like more simple tips, grab the bonus for Elizabeth’s top 10 Lead Generating tactics when you join her at the upcoming Close New Clients NOW Doing Sprint. Learn more at


Hey, Hey. Hey, it is Elizabeth. Guess what it is? It is #TASTYYES! Tuesday. I am dropping in today to talk about how you can Triple Your Leads Without Spending any Money on ads. So give me a moment here to just do a quick tech check. If you are joining me here, either live or on the replay, let me know. Let me know. So let's just do a quick check here and make sure that I am all online and then we are working like we should. Let me know. Ah! Looks like we are here. Awesome. All right. So say hi, say hi, if you're here. Super excited to talk about to you today about how you could triple your leads without spending any ads. How many of you have tried social media ads or are currently doing ads right now to grow in your business?

Let me know in the comments, say ads, if you are doing that. Okay. And this is really key because today I want to talk to you about why we have to start thinking about building our business organically online first and build a strategy around how do I get organic leads? How do I do organic marketing? How do I do relationship marketing all before you start really tinkering with social media ads?

And so let me just pull up my notes here, make sure that I'm here as well. Love it. Love it. So in this episode, if you are joining me here and you are struggling with, how do I generate leads online without spending any money on ads? I mean, maybe you've dabbled a little bit in an ad here or there, right?

DIY or maybe you've hired like a marketing agency to do ads, right, and it just didn't go as you planned. Or you had hoped for, right? So I'm always a big proponent of starting with things organically, starting with things live, whether it's launching your offer, whether you're an offline successful business that is now looking to take your business online and start figuring out how do I add on right.

An online income stream to what I'm currently doing right now to continue to scale and grow my business. Right. I still encourage you to do it organically first. And here's why, because I often joke that if you can't sell something right in person, talking to a person live, hopefully being able to look them in the eye and have a conversation. How do you just, all of a sudden, blindly start selling online on automation. How? You don't even know what resonates with people. You don't even know if you're missing the mark or if you're right on. Right. And so it's really expensive. Costly way of growing your business and generating leads online. But today I'm going to get very tactical with you.

And I want to be able to share with you three really quick tips and tactics that you can do immediately after this training in your business right now to generate leads online without spending any money on ads. Look, I grew my business and hit my first six figure launch. Right. Six-figure sales without any cent on ad. And I still, to this day, I'm a little hesitant on it. I'm hearing a lot from my peers and colleagues in the online space about not only how expensive social media ads are, but how cluttered it is. And even though there's a purpose and a strategy to scaling your business online and using automation, there is like anything, a lot of testing that's involved.

And if you need cash flow quickly, that is not going to be the fastest way to generate cashflow into your business to grow. Okay. If you can afford time and money to be able to really grow your business online, meaning that you maybe already have a successful business that I consider offline brick and mortar or service that just gives you just a little bit of cushion from a cashflow perspective to test ads.

And you're messaging online then by all means, go in, right? Go in at some point to scale your business online, you're going to need a way to automate and scale your lead gen. But if cashflow is really tight, It's not going to be the fastest way for you to generate cashflow. Okay. So if you are tuning in here with me, say hi in the comments, tell me where you are tuning in from love to hear from you.

All right. Now, you know that here inside of our Facebook group community, I'm all about how do you sell what the human connection and build relationships with your customers for repeat business. This is really about playing for the long run folks. I call this relationship marketing, and this is really about how do I build relationships?

How do I nurture my audience in a way that attracts my MVP's my Most Valuable Paying Customers that want to work with me and, and really push away those that are meant for me, like your marketing, your content has got to be able to do that. So in relationship marketing, we want to think about right now is your social media, is your content online, starting meaningful conversations. Whether it is the conversations that are literally going on in your MVP's head or truly through engagement and dialogue with you. I call this the conversations to conversion path. This is going to be the quickest way for you to be able to generate cash and the quickest way for you to generate leads online.

Okay, is being intentional and on purpose with your content. Are you loving that if you are. Let me know, send me some fires, send me some hearts and let me know that you're present. Okay. So first we want to think about, okay, what is relationship marketing? It is about making sure that all your online content, all your social media really starts with meaningful conversations.

Conversations to conversions. This is not as thrown spaghetti on the wall and posting something silly for any sort of engagement. This is strategic. This is methodical. This is tactical, right? Making sure that you're intentionally and strategically laying out the groundwork for conversations that lead to a conversion, to a sale in your business.

Okay. That's what I'm talking about. And if you, at any point what notes of what I am covering today, let me know by dropping notes into the comments and my team will go ahead and get you a summary of my notes today. I got a couple of people here tuning in. If you can go above and click on the StreamYard link so I can see you on my StremYard. That will be amazing. Hello. Hello, tuning in from Minnesota. I love it. So tell me, what is your business? Drop it in the comments. Let me know what your businesses, since they're showing up here live, I'm going to help you tailor some of these tips to your business. Okay. So if you're showing up here live, let me know what that is in the comments so I can tailor some of that to you.

Okay. Awesome. So let's talk about, let's talk about how you can quickly triple your leads online without spending money on ads. Okay. I keep it real with you. If you're going to look at generating leads, it really comes down to two things. Money or time, money, where you're investing in ads to test your message and validate your offer or time, meaning you're spending time on other people's Facebook groups, getting to know your MVP's, your Most Valuable Paying Clients, or you're managing your own community group. Right or you're getting into other people's DMS, right? So it's either your time or your money. Isn't that funny? All this comes back down to those two. So how can you triple your leads in your business without spending anything? Well, I already covered the first tip. Right. That's this was the bonus tip, which is to make sure that you are being intentional with your content online.

Is it starting in meaningful conversations that lead to conversions, conversations to conversions? Can you type that into the comments for me, conversations to conversions, this is not just about creating content for full engagement. Like the shock factor or random things that you're posting online just to simply get engagement. Okay. I'll be, I'll keep it real with you. Most of the time when you're selling high ticket, higher prices, many of the people that will buy are watching you they're called lurkers. They will not be engaging with you. But they're the ones with money in their wallet able to spend. And if you're online, starting conversations by simply just posting random things for shock factor or engagement that is not meaningful, that doesn't lead to a path of conversion, which is really an invitation to show them that you're an expert at whatever it is that you're the expert in, that will lead to a sale.

Because remember sales is nothing but simply an invitation to go to that next it's level. Right then you've already lost the sale. You've already lost the sale. Okay. So I want to encourage you to think about how your online content, social media, creating meaningful conversations, conversations, to conversions, type that into the comments. Okay. So here are three ways that you can triple your lead gen without spending any money on ads. Okay. The first one is optimizing your online profile. AKA your social media hotspots. Like the hotspot that's on your phone when you turn it on, you can connect in. I want you to think about is your online profile, whether it's your Facebook personal profile, or if you're on Instagram, is it optimized?

What do I mean by that? Does it say who you are and the value that you bring to your audience, your potential clients? Okay. I show my students inside of The Customer YES! Lab, how to do this. And I'm going to tell you right now, this works. I had one client that had been working with me less than a month. She thought I was crazy for asking her to optimize her personal Facebook profile. She's like Elizabeth, I don't know how I feel about that. You know, I mean, is this stuff really work was probably what she was thinking right with. I'm not kidding you the same week. She optimized her hotspot, her Facebook personal profile.

And led to a conversation that generated four tickets sale for her, a for tickets sale opportunity for her. Folks, online, your online profile is like the store signage, like at target that said I'm open for business. It's not a hobby. I actually am a real business. So optimize your online profile, right? It's just be able to speak to your audience in a way that lets them know what you have to offer, how you can help solve their problems. And it should also be very clear who you serve. Okay. And I can't tell you the client, she said to me, she's like, Elizabeth, what do you think it is? I mean, was really just simply optimizing my profile.

I said, yeah, because you, then what you did was you turn up the sign that said I'm actually an expert, right? This isn't a hobby. This is a real business. And I'm open. I mean, think about that for a second. When you're selling high ticket, when you're selling high quality products or services as a consumer, do you spend money investing in someone who seems like they're doing that business as a hobby, or do you want to spend and invest that money in someone who is an expert, expert or hobbyist?

I mean, that's a lot of money you're investing. 1000% people will invest in the expert. And so your online profile has to be optimized to show that you are an expert and there you're truly open for business. I know it sounds so simple, right? So if you want some help with how to optimize your Facebook personal profile type, profile into the comments and my team, and I will reach out and I'll show you how to do that.

Okay. So type profile, if you want some help with how to optimize your Facebook personal profile. Okay. The second tip with how you can triple your leads without spending any money is to leverage stories on Instagram for Facebook, you should be doing this every day with videos that are no more than 30 seconds long.

Okay. You don't have to tiktok and dance, but you should be dropping tips that can really help people really make that difference. Whether it's, you know, a 30 secondtip on behind the scene of what you're creating, if you sell tangible products and what you're going to be launching it to be behind the scenes for, you know, a new program that you're perhaps creating or delivering, right.