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Are you still waiting for your confidence to show up? Imposter syndrome. Self-doubt. Many of us have been there before.

We know that consistency is key to grow your business and take action, but what do you do when confidence is missing?

Consider the last time you felt confident in doing something. Why did you feel confident? Likely, you felt CERTAIN in it, right?

Because you’ve done it before…

Because you can see that that dress or shirt covers your least favorite body parts well…

Because you’re getting compliments from others..like your customers or peers, telling you how great you are…

But when you’re the CEO of your business - scaling and growing it for maximum income and impact…

You’re not always going to know what the exact outcomes are going to be at every corner.

You actually might make some wrong decisions.

Elizabeth Yang shares her best advice coaching and consulting multiple figure earners on what to do when your confidence is MIA.

Here are three simple ways you can still take action despite confidence.

First, seek Compassion for your Most Valuable Paying (MVP) customer. Remember who and why you want to serve again. Sometimes advocating for this is easier than advocating for ourselves.

Then, seek Courage. The difference between Confidence and Courage is that Confidence is based on certainty that comes with competency.

You’ve done it, seen it, or heard it before so you know what to expect.

On the other hand with Courage, you’re not committed to the outcome. Instead, you’re committed to what you believe in regardless of outcome. Your belief is what you value.

Lasty, take action for clarity and confidence will follow. Many aim to have clarity and confidence first, but the reality is that clarity and confidence comes with action.

It’s only through action that you’ll begin to realize what you already know and don’t know; what you like and don’t like.

When you can seek Courage instead of Confidence when it’s missing, you’ll start taking more action to get more customer YESES!


It is #TASTYYES! Tuesday. Elizabeth Yang tuning in here. How are you on this fabulous Tuesday? Isn't that crazy? That it's already July folks. Oh my Godness. I still can't believe it's already July. If you are tuning in, let me know if you're catching this live or if you're catching this on the replay. July folks, we've only got how many more months until the end of the year.

August September, October, November, December, five months. But you know, I don't really count November, December. So technically you've only got maybe about three months left before 2021 is done and over with, right. I want to just do a quick tech check here, make sure that we are live and that you can hear me.

And it looks like you can. Awesome. Awesome. Well, today I'm going to be talking to you about one of the things that I often see a lot of entrepreneurs, especially my female entrepreneurs make when it comes to making decisions in their business. Oftentimes they are waiting for confidence to show up before they take action.

What does that look like? What does that look like in your business? Well, when it comes to growing and scaling your business for maximum income and impact, you've got to be consistent. You've got to be consistent with action, but I know that is one of the most challenges, challenging things that a lot of entrepreneurs make. Here inside of this group I'm all about serving and helping entrepreneurs really take their business from local to online for maximum impact and income. And that means you, my friend owning and stepping into being a compassionately ambitious CEO. That means that you've got to be consistent with your action, but how do you be consistent with your action when there are some moments where you just don't have any confidence, right?

There's just moments where self-doubt creeps in. Moments where you feel like an impostor, right? How many of you have been there? And if you're tuning in live, say hi, drop me some fires, some comments in, in the I'm trying to just make sure my stand is here in the comments so that I know that you're present.

How many of you have felt. Like an impostor. How many of you have had moments in your business where you're like, oh my gosh, am I making the right decision. Moments where maybe you've made the decision and all of a sudden doubt starts to creep in right? Every level, every stage in your business will require you to challenge yourself and replace confidence with something else when confidence is lacking.

And if you hang on for just a moment, I'm going to coach and share with you the same advice, the same coaching and the same conversations that I have with my customers and clients on what you can do when confidence is lacking. And you still got to run your business. Right. Now, if you're a solopreneur, right?

Oftentimes with a lack of confidence, it starts to prevent you from taking action. Right? You have fear that creeps in. You start to procrastinate if you're running a team, right. And you have managing a team when there's a lack of confidence, maybe you're avoiding your team. Maybe you're not really wanting to have those team meetings or to coach them for growth or development, because you're not even really sure yourself.

Right. I want you to, just for a moment, just to think back to the last time where you felt confident in doing something.

Just, I want you to think about what that felt like to feel confident. Likely you felt certain in it right, because in many ways you've already done it before. And so, you know, or knew what to expect. You can maybe when you're trying on that dress or that shirt and you look in the mirror, you can see right.

That, that maybe covers, no, some parts of your body, then maybe your least favorite parts. And it makes you feel confident, right? Or maybe you're rocking, you know, a new look or you're doing such a great job with your customers. And you've got customers and peers telling you how great you are. And so therefore it validates you and you feel confident.

But when you're the CEO of your business scaling and growing your business and leading a team for maximum income and impact, you're not always going to know what the exact outcomes are at every single corner that you turn. Actually, you might actually be making more wrong decisions than you are right decisions. Right. Whether you're a solopreneur or managing a team and looking to grow and scale your business, and really step into being that compassionate, ambitious CEO that is looking to build a hybrid business. That's all about making an impact locally and online for maximum income and impact. I'm talking to you.

What are some things that you can do when confidence is lacking?

Hi, Christina, thanks for tuning in. And she says you look more beautiful in person. Ah, that's so sweet. Say hi. So at any point, as I'm going through this training and you want my notes, just go ahead and type notes into the comments and my team will get you the summary, right. Coaching multiple six figures to seven-figure earners in my business.

I can tell you that more female entrepreneurs face this than, than our male counterparts, but men also have it too. For women. We just wear it on our sleeves a lot more obviously. So what are some steps? Right. That you can take when you start to realize that confidence is lacking, you know, to grow your business consistently and to lead your team and be that quote-unquote fearless leader, right.

That seems to know where she's headed, know where she's going with her business. You're going to have to tap into some other parts inside of you and confidence isn't there. When I asked you to think about your last confident moment, it was because he felt certain about something you felt certain because you've already done it, right.

You felt certain because you know, right based on that cut of that shirt or that dress, that fits over your body, what's going to make you look flattering. Cause you've done it before. You felt certain because other people were telling you how wonderful you are or how great you are, or that you're really good at something you had this feedback, you have this validation, but when you are growing your business, right, and you're stepping outside of your comfort zone. Overwhelm creeps in, fear creeps in, self-doubt creeps in. Why? Because you're on the edge of that breaking point. That is all about you going to that next level and confidence. Isn't going to be there. My friend, you know why? Because it is a path that you have not yet traveled. You see confidence comes to us through competency. Right. Doing it over and over and over again, or doing just enough of it, where we feel certain that we can do it again.

I can feel completely confident that I can run because I've run. I feel completely certain that I can run a 5k or a 10 K because I can, but when it comes to a half marathon or a marathon, I've never done that before. Right. There's no way I can filter to know that I can finish that. Because it hasn't been done before.

See what we rely on competence to show up before we take action in our business, before we make a decision to move forward, it slows us down. It holds us back. It limits possibilities and opportunities for us. And I don't want that for you because if you are here, it is because you are a compassionately, ambitious CEO business owner.

And I want you to be visible. I want you to be discoverable. I want you to be in the marketplace,